A Letter to My Teens and Tween : Keep Crushing It

After two weeks of not driving due to a recent surgery, I was finally able to drive today. The freedom this allows is amazing. While I still have some restrictions on things I can do, I needed to stop at the grocery store for a few blog post items. I happened to see this item, Yoplait® Go Big™ Yogurt. Have you seen them? You will find them in the yogurt area and they come in Two 8-Count Variety Packs: Strawberry/Mixed Berry & Peach Mango/Cherry. My store only have one variety but of course thinking of my kids who have amazing appetites these days, I picked up a box for them to try. They love yogurt and this large resize is sure to keep the older kids them more satisfied with the portion.


Plus I love that the Go Big pouches have :

• No artificial colors
• No high fructose corn syrup
• Contains real fruit
• Good source of calcium


Yoplait believes teens and tweens are amazing and have challenged its consumers to write a letter to your  tween and/or teen. Since I have both categories in my home, I was not sure who I was going to pick or would I write three letters or just one. My mom was here after my surgery and my kids were spoiled and did not have to step up and help more around the house. So I was not going to write a thank you note about this. I decided to just write a note to them all explaining who proud their dad and I are of them crushing it in academics and sports. We will work on the constructive criticism later. 


To Ca, (15) Ch (13) Be (10)

The last two weeks, I have not been there to walk you to the bus stop, drive you to school, do all your laundry and pack your lunches. While I thought this would be a good chance for you all to pitch in, you were lucky to have your nana around to do the brundt of your daily chores. Saying that, I also have not been totally available to look over your shoulder during homework time and relied on what we have taught you in the past to get the work done on your own. Based on the grades we have seen this week, we know you have been crushing it at school. 

Many sporting events took place these past weeks, and although I was not there physically I was getting updates from friends. Once again, crushing it on the field and in the pool. We could not be more proud of you.

While I have not been fighting with you over your phone use since I did not have the energy. I have to believe you have used your restraint and kept focused on your studies in order the achieve the above. Sometimes we don’t give you enough credit. However, I do wish someone would walk the dog and vacuum the first floor. Hint Hint. 



letter to my teenagers


For a chance to win the spotlight for your teen and $3000, go to the Go Big Amazing Teens contest page and share how your teen inspires you. Go Big also will select three tweens with amazing stories and give them a platform to show the world! For more information, full contest rules can be found on the Go Big Facebook Page.

Can’t wait to see all your letter to your teens and tweens. Good Luck. 

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  1. You are inspirering

  2. I love that you focused on the positive, that is so important in the moment. Going back later and addressed things with constructive criticism is wise.

  3. This is worth sharing, your teens are handsome. I’m sure they’re also thankful to have a parents like you.

  4. I love this idea! It’s always important to let your children know how proud you are of them.

  5. I love reading all of the letters everyone is sharing, this one is great because I have both a teen and a tween (girl/boy) and I long to write them a letter like this too! It’s great to show pride for our children!