Add a Makeup Bag to your Cosmetic Collection

After having a vanity team for a recent photo and video shoot I could only dream of 1. being able to apply makeup like a professional, but 2. have enough makeup to fill a makeup belt. Maybe one of these days I will take a better interest in my own makeup.

Many of you may be asking what a makeup belt is and why it should be part of your cosmetic supply. How is the brush belt used and who really needs one? For those with professional experience or who have used a brush belt and then tried to live without one, the reasons to add the belt are clear. For the rest of you, it may be time to become a little bit more familiar with this handy, useful tool. 

What Is A Makeup Brush Belt?
The makeup brush belt is generally a tool belt designed specifically to hold the brushes and tools necessary to apply eye shadow, lipstick, and other cosmetics. The apron-style belt is often a utilitarian black, but some have animal prints or sparkly details. The main point of the belt is to keep your tools convenient and easy to use. There are generally several rows of pouches in different shapes and sizes, so that you can organize your tools according to your own preferences. 

Why Should You Include A Brush Belt In Your Cosmetic Collection?
As many professionals know, the convenience of having your brushes and tools at your fingertips is equaled only by the organizational aspect of the tool belt. Most belts are available with an adjustable band which fits around the waist. They can be rolled up for ease in transportation and are an effective way to keep the bristles of brushes safe and to prevent individual cosmetics from getting damaged as they rattle around in a large open container. Anyone who has been in a hurry, trying to apply their make-up, only to find themselves searching frantically for a missing brush or lip gloss will appreciate having a makeup brush belt.

How Should You Use A Belt So That It Is Most Effective?

  • Keep it away from moisture. Moisture spells big trouble for your cosmetics; keep your bag away and the rest of your tools will be safe.
  • Keep your belt away from light and heat. These belts are generally made from a heavy-duty black fabric, so it will naturally protect your cosmetics from those dangers.
  • Store your brushes with their bristles up and organize them so that the separate brushes are not getting tangled up with each other.
  • Create your own organization. Whether you have all of your mascaras on one side of the belt while eye shadows are stored in their own section, or you organize your cosmetics by occasion, create your own preferred organization. This will help you stick to putting items away every time you use them.

Who Needs To Use A Brush Belt?

It isn’t uncommon to see professionals rushing about with their trusty tool belt attached. Artists working at photo shoots, fashion shows, television studies, or beauty shops all benefit from having their supplies within easy reach. This doesn’t mean that women in other situations won’t benefit as well. You can bring that convenience home. After all, how many of you haven’t felt that last minute frustration of not finding the color or tool that you’re looking for? Imagine instead the beauty of having your tools and cosmetics right at your fingertips, carefully stashed in the perfect organization.

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This was a sponsored post by MPM and BH cosmetics.

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