Amazing what changes in the garden in 1 week.

Thought this was a great post for May Day!
Two weekends ago,  I was looking for flowers to make arrangements for house guests and could not find much. However this past weekend brought about a different picture in my garden. I could not resist taking pictures of the lovely colors of spring, although these are blooming about 2 weeks before schedule.
My favorite–the peonies

They have it on their schedule to bloom on schedule!

A few tips on Peonies. They need a lot of sun and you will usually find ants on the buds. Do not worry about them but be sure and wash the bloom off before bringing it in the house or you will have some unwanted visitors. I also read once that you should only cut 1/3 of the buds on your plant. You have 3 flowers, only cut one to bring indoors.

Cat enjoying the garden

Mountain Laurel


Hostas that hopefully will last all summer!!

Cut a few flowers and bring them into your teacher next week for Teacher appreciation. Many times in my preschool classes the room mother would provide the vase and kids just bring in whatever they had in the garden. Inexpensive way to say thank you.

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  1. Gerry -thanks for the tip on the peonies. We have several
    peony bushes (from my mother-in-laws’ garden. Makes for great memories of her beautiful flowers.- Aunt Gerry

  2. Thanks for sharing tips and pics! Beautiful! Wish I had a green thumb 😉

  3. How pretty! I live in an apartment so no gardening for me. I would love to have a flower garden. Thank you for sharing your lovely pics.

  4. STUNNING garden! Love the cat too. My little girl cat looks just like yours.

  5. I loved your photographs, it is really remniscent of the season to come. I also liked your idea about the vase and flowers from mom’s garden.