An Exciting 72 Hours

I have left my mommy responsibilities to join 10 talented moms and bloggers for the #ReynoldsRealMoms contest. Sometime last fall I entered the Reynolds Real Mom’s Challenge which involved explaining how we used Reynolds products at home and why I would be a good fit.
I immediately went to my kitchen and saw I had 3 boxes of reynolds products and many muffin cups.

Not thinking any further about that submission, life went on as usual. The holidays came and went, we took our great Disney Cruise. The kids started back to school, and I back to my blogging and tutoring duties. Then to my surprise I was notified I was a finalist for the Reynolds real mom contest and I would be joining 9 women for a video and photo shoot in my hometown of Chicago.

This is an amazing opportunity for me and despite the stress of getting not only the household and kids prepared but also myself (a little shopping was necessary for this “work trip”); I think I can finally start to appreciate what I am about to experience.

First and foremost, 2 nights totally kids and puppy free. We have a 6:15 am car service on Wednesday so this is not vacation. I have been following five bloggers on twitter that are there today experiencing the video and pampering we expect in the morning. You can follow all of our adventures on twitter too, by searching the hashtag #reynoldsrealmoms.

When this is trip is over our videos will be on Reynold’s Facebook page and you all get to vote!!
Despite the outcome, I get to giveaway a 6 month supply of Reynolds products to one follower. Let’s get pumped up about that.

So loving any good thoughts sent my way and a big thank you for being a follower of Close to Home.



  1. Good luck!! Let us know how we can help!!

  2. You go girl! Way to take it to the top! Love Reynolds products…Reynolds will soon find out why you are their “Real Mom” xo Kirsten

  3. That is exciting! Love Reynolds products. Good luck!

  4. congratulations!!! good luck and have fun!

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