April Fools on me….Cake Pops

I was having a conversation with some other moms on the playground and discussing a cake pop company in the city we live. I needed a dessert for a party and thought I would just order some cakepops. I have never made them before and if someone else can do it, why not.

Well when I looked them up on the web, their cake pops are $30 a dozen. Not wanting to spend $120 on cake balls, as I would need close to 4 dozen, I decided I would try my hands at making them. How hard can cake mix and frosting be. I have a drawer full of chocolate discs already. (I can buy a lot of boxed mix and canned frosting for $120)
Of course I went to the queen of cakepops, Bakerella‘s website for some advice. I also watched a few utube videos to get the correct technique.

I happened to have a 9 inch cake leftover from St. Patrick’s Day cupcakes in my freezer so I could get started right away!

Well, this is what I came up with…..The trick was on me this time.

The kids said they were edible. Granted they tasted sweet and delicious but not going to be at any party I was going to!

I had given up, and thought maybe I will order cupcakes…..$20 a dozen. Really??
 I spoke to a friend on the phone who just made the most adorable baby cakepops for a shower and got a few hints from her as well as a motivational talk if you will:)

I waited a few days to get out of my sinus infection fog and tried again following her tips: place in the freezer for 15 minutes. I also kept the chocolate over a double boiler to see if that would help with the coating.

Well I am no Bakerella, I can not sell these, but I will be serving them to people!!

I also tested something I had not tried before. I had some white chocolate left over, too much to throw away. I decided I would adorn these pops. I used some Gel food coloring and successfully dyed the chocolate. Just quickly placed it in a baggie and clipped the ends off. Not beautiful but a change from sprinkles.

I think Cake pops are adorable and always amazed at the creations of people but now I an say, been there done that….

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  1. They look like they turned out cute! I have been wanting to try these too but, have not been brave enough! LOL

  2. I have made cake balls and it was a crumbly mess my first time to lol Your end result turned out super cute!