Quick and Easy Hostess Gift ideas out of Sand Buckets


Although school is starting and we are saying goodbye to the casualness of summer, some of us might be putting in one last hurrah at the beach, lake or river. Maybe you will be going to someones house for labor day, why not throw together a fun hostess gift  that the whole family will enjoy to celebrate the last days of summer.

Quick and Easy Hostess Gift ideas out of Sand Buckets

Instead of a traditional basket, I thought why not put a gift pail together. The children got very excited to help pick things out to fill them.
For a family gift, I created a “beach fun” pail. Include Sugar Cookie mix, summer themed cookie cutters and of course lots of Decorating supplies. I also included a mini roller just in case the house did not have one. If you can not find small ones, you can just cut a dowel into smaller sizes. Since the family was all girls, I added friendship bracelet supplies too. If you are in a hurry just pick up the Betty Crocker Sugar cookie mix in a bag. It is quite delicious!!
Another example that can be for a host with or without children is a meal themed pail.
In this example I hit Trader Joe’s for great specialty items like, pancake mix, hot cocoa, and blueberry sauce. I would also add a bag of coffee. Unfortunately Trader Joes just carries the large canisters of whole bean coffee and I did not know if my hostess had a grinder. Time kept me from going to another store.
The basket bags make the gifts look more professional and I found them at the dollar store. Check out the clearance sections of many stores for other containers you can use, such as ice buckets, snack bowls or ceramic pots. Buy a few and store them for next summer or a spring break trip.
The same ideas can be used for any season or holiday. For example why not fill a plastic pumpkin trick or treat bucket with yummy fall bread mixes and apple butter. There are plenty of Christmas containers out there as well they you can get creative with. Comfort meal supplies like pizza dough and the fixings or gourmet pastas and sauces are always welcome. Throw in some seasonal cocktail napkins too.
Check out the food aisles in Marshalls and TJMax for discounted Gourmet foods just be sure to check the expiration date! Target and Trader Joe’s are always good for inspiration.
The cookie pail is easily transformed to fit any season with all the great cookie cutters available. I purchased mine at Sur La Table….Great selection and only $1 each.
Sugar Cookie Dough Mix Recipe Do a search on google for recipes in a jar to get other ideas.
If your container is not suited for a jar, just put the ingredients in a cellophane bag and seal tightly. Another tip:start saving larger pickle, tomato sauce jars now they will come in handy during the holidays.

 What would you add to this Quick and Easy Hostess Gift ideas out of Sand Buckets


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