Best K Cup Flavors for Summer Thanks to Keurig

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We drink coffee in our house daily, but usually just in the morning. We never owned a Keurig because we usually go thru a 10-cup pot together. I was always on the fence about owning a single serve coffee maker. However, when my husband travels I seem to waste more coffee because I am so used to making a larger pot for my husband and I. Although the extra coffee does not always go to waste, like my grandmother, I do love making iced coffee with the leftover coffee. Let’s be honest, coffee that has been sitting in a pot all day is less than desirable and this is when a Keurig k cups would be awesome.


When the Keurig Walmart Team sent us our very own  Keurig,  my kids were so thrilled to see that not only can I drink coffee but also ice cold drinks, perfect for this summer heat. Keurig has some of the best K Cup Flavors for summer now available at Walmart. You can have iced tea, lemonade, vitamin drinks and of course a nice flavored iced coffee in minutes.


When I entertain I never know what people are going to want to drink. Are they in the mood for lemonade, iced tea sweet or unsweet, flavored or unflavored. Well you can say good-bye for those days, as we are now going to set up a Keruig Brew over ice bar at our next 4th of July party. (with adult supervision of course)


The only challenge for the  Brew Over Ice Beverage Bar is that you would need to be near an outlet. Really not a big deal right? Other than, that just set out your Brew Over Ice K-cups,  large plastic glasses, ice, and festive straws and/or spoons. You can liven up your drinks with fun fruit mix-ins too.


This is such a fun concept, you simply fill a large plastic cup with ice, press the 6 or 8 oz cup option for the best flavor, and the Keurig does the rest. Once it’s finished brewing,  be sure and stir the drink well and you may need to add a little more ice. We accidentally pressed the large cup once and it will over flow if you have a lot of ice in there.


Serve your Ice Cold Drinks, with a festive straw or cut up fruit for a fun and festive summer party beverage. Who thought that you would use a coffee maker at a summer party? Thanks to the #BrewOverIce folks for coming up with this fun concept, even the kids can enjoy.

For even of a bang this summer season, we brewed our Iced Coffee, added a touch of whip cream and shaved chocolate. Pass the straw this went down quickly.


What Brew Over Ice K Cups are you most excited to try? Go ahead and #BrewItUp



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  1. We love our Keurig. My kids use it all the time to make some of their favorite drinks.

  2. Great idea using this for a party! Never even thought about it!

  3. Ooh! Yum! Love the other flavors! Definitely great for the Summer!

  4. oh that looks totally delicious! I have a Keurig and I LOVE mine!

  5. I love my Keurig and don’t know what I’d do without it. I’m just glad that they’re making more and better flavors than they did a year ago.

  6. That drink looks amazing! My kids would love it if we had one of these 🙂

  7. I think my husband would really enjoy the lemonade. I still drink my hot coffee from the Keurig, even when it’st 95 degrees out. LOL

  8. I love my Keurig. I use it for my daily coffee and green tea.

  9. Lemonaid sounds tasty. I could not survive without my Keurig.

  10. I have the single cup Keurig – I have never seen this one before, sounds wonderful. I like that you can use it with a taller cup!

  11. yes they have iced tea, lemonades, iced coffees and you could probably do a hot chocolate over ice. YUM

  12. people love their keurig! i wasnt aware of these flavors, thanks for sharing

  13. Wow looks cool! I would love to play with this 🙂 Iced vanilla mocha sounds good right now!

  14. I love having such a large variety of drinks & not using up a ton of space!

  15. I really need to try out these tasty flavors! I love my Keurig!

  16. I would love to try the lemonade. Sound refreshing today in this heat. We love our Keurig! Use it everyday.

  17. I don’t drink coffee, but love Keurig for hot chocolate. I wasn’t aware they had cold drinks other than coffee. Very exciting!

  18. I didn’t realize that Keurig had a line of iced drink k-cups. The lemonade sounds really good right now!

  19. Those lemonade ones are probably really refreshing in this heat!

  20. Oh, I so need one of these. I drink iced tea all day, and this would be so perfect!

  21. I still do not own a Keurig but after seeing so much talk about them throughout the web I think I need to get on board.

  22. I want to try a ice vanilla flavor. The lemonade ones sound good too.

  23. I have had a Keurig for years and I truly feel like I would be lost without it.