Best Wireless Buds for the iPhone 7

Best Wireless Buds for the iPhone 7

My daughter’s phone, my old phone, was on its last leg so I agreed to give her my iPhone 6s and take the upgrade for myself. Fair in my eyes! Anyway, I went with the iPhone 7. The issue I have with this phone is that you can not use your old headphones, and you can use the one’s that come with the phone or use wireless ones. Thank you to Jaybird for giving us the chance to check out these revolutionary wireless buds. 

best wireless airbuds

This is how I discovered Jaybird Freedom wireless buds that retail for $179.99.
-Jaybird’s smallest wireless buds, Freedom, bring big sound, a secure comfortable fit and the ability to listen-while-you-charge. Elegant and micro-sized, Freedom is Jaybird’s most advanced, secure-fit wireless Bluetooth buds ever. They fit perfectly in even the smallest of ears and deliver a hands-free experience that never misses a beat.

Unlike another pair of wireless earbuds I used to own, the Jaybird Freedom ones came in a packet of bud options to fit your ear size and your activity. They are even sweat-proof for those endurance workouts. 

One downfall is the charger. You need to use the specific one that comes with this set not just one of those small adapters you might have laying around the house from other devices.

Best Wireless Buds for the iPhone 7

In order to connect your wireless buds to your iPhone 7, you need to download the app. It won’t just find the Bluetooth connection. (This means set up took a little longer). However here are the benefits of the app: You  can customize the way your X3’s sound and save those custom sound profiles to your buds, no matter what music device they’re paired with or what music service you use. It’s your playlist – you’re now in control.

wireless airbuds

My son also hooked up these wireless buds them up to use with his MacBook Air. He is required to have earphones for school and he keeps tangling up the plug-in type. We shall see how they stand up to a 13-year-olds use or misuse if you will!

Now who are you going to buy these wireless earbuds for? 

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