Bow and Headband Holder and Spirit Wear

This project was inspired by the mess my daughter has on her shelf with the numerous headbands I have made for her over the years. I originally had made it into a bow holder when that was popular for her but then converted it into
a bow and headband holder.

The idea is basic and you can choose your material based on your needs and ablitlies!!

Simply start with a wooden plague. The size depends on how many ribbons you would like to fall down. I found pre made and sanded ones at our craft store.

I  then modge podged a decorative paper on the wood. You could simply paint it.

I also found these initials at the craft store that simply painted and used wood glue to put it on. If you want a stronger hold use a long nail and nail it in from the back.

Then using the ribbon of choice staple gun them on the back.

For the headband holder, use another piece of ribbon overlapping and make a generous loop and fabric glue it onto the first ribbon. You can repeat this a few times if you wish.

This makes a great addition to a little or big girls room and a great present with some headbands or bows.

Looking for Spirit wear for your school contact me. Check out my most recent ribbon creations at CTH Designs. Dog collars, key chains and pony O’s to match your school or team colors.


Dog Collar
Key chain


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