Boxwood Christmas Tree

In a previous post I discussed bringing your outside in to decorate your home for the holidays. My master gardner neighbor brought this gift to me a few years ago. 

Although I can not replicate it, I attempted and think it worked out pretty well.
I was actually thinking of making these for my children’s teachers but after making 2 I got tired of them and thought I would destroy my boxwoods with too much trimming.
This craft requires a bit of boxwood. My neighbor said that boxwoods actually need to be trimmed and she recommends just breaking of the parts of the bush that are hanging out of place. No clippers needed.
Soak your oasis in water for a few minutes before beginning this project.
To start this craft you will need a small ceramic container…no holes. A block of oasis, a small craft or kitchen knife and patience.
Make sure the oasis fits in the container and if too big try supporting it with extra oasis of rocks. Then using the knife cut off the sides to resemble a Christmas tree.
Then starting from the bottom work your way up adding the sprigs of boxwood into the oasis. following the shape of the oasis and using a shorter pieces as you go up.
For the top find a  nice rounded sprig and stick it on top. You may need a few pieces to get the affect you want. Add a bow on top or my neighbor added ornaments glued onto plant picks.
Continue to water every couple of days. This should last you several weeks and even if it dries out slightly it makes a wonderful table decoration.
Make sure you look around your neighbors for some boxwoods that need a trim!

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