Brew Your Soup with Progresso #BistroCups!



I never thought I would use a Keurig but since getting one 2 years ago I use it several times a week and sometimes several times a day. I mainly use it for coffee on mornings my husband is out of town or for hot water to make tea. I am so thrilled that with the cooler weather I will not be able to make a hot cup of soup in minutes with the New Progresso Bistro Cups.   No more excuses for skipping lunch anymore. These bistro cups would be great to pack for work if you have a Keurig there as well. Did you ever think you could brew your soup from a Kcup? 


The process could not be simplier. Just dump the contents of the soup packet into your mug.


Add the flavor cup into your machine and brew the water.


Stir and allow to rest a minute and your soup is ready.



Check out the 3 flavors of Progresso Soup Bistro Cups:

● Tomato Parmesan
● Broccoli & Cheese
● Creamy Southwestern

kcup soups

In minutes you have Discover #TheNewBrew when you try Progresso Soup #BistroCups. Making delicious, hearty soup has never been easier. Using your Keurig or single serve brewer, simply pour, brew, stir, and enjoy your new Bistro Cups!
Don’t get too excited if you don’t live in the Northeast of the US  This product just launched in the Northeast US and that your readers can visit the Bistro Cups website to learn more about which retailers in their area should carry the product, as well as that they will find it in either the soup or coffee aisle.


Before you head out to the stores, download a $2 off coupon . What an easy way to brew your soup. What could be next?

Which Progresso Soup Bistro Cup would you want to try?

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  1. I will be looking for these at our market. These are perfect for fast food! I love Progressive soups so I am sure these will be tasty.

  2. This is super cool. Definitely innovative and so easy. Love that it is a quick single serving

  3. I saw that you could use your Keurig for this now. What a handy idea and perfect for Fall weather too.

  4. I cannot wait to try out the Bistro cups for myself. I am a huge fan of soup, especially in the cold weather.

  5. This is a great idea for when people are in a hurry and want something good and delicious.

  6. What? These are so cool! I have to try these out. I’d use my Keurig even more!

  7. The Broccoli & Cheese and Creamy Southwestern both look delicious! This seems like a great way to use the Keurig for more than just coffee.

  8. I’ve always thought of my Keurig as the ultimate coffee maker but it’s good to know that now I can also make soup. That’s great!

  9. Now that is a brilliant idea! And right in time for cold winter days!

  10. Whoa .. mind blown! I never thought soup could be brewed like Coffee. I’m definitely gonna pick this up. The best part is .. it’s so convenient

  11. I have to say I’m kinda intrigued! I’m going to have to dig out my Keurig and try them!

  12. Wow, genius! I’m obsessed with soup. VERY much. I’d most want to try the broccoli and cheese one. YUM.

  13. My husband is going to LOVE this. He is a major soup lover.

  14. OMg this looks amazing I want some. I am a soup addict.