Brownie Pops–Teacher appreciation Treat

You think I would have learned from my attempts at CAKE POPS as to what I really could get covered in chocolate. Pretzels yes, cake like items not so much.

Well I saw these cute ideas in a Wilton Brownie Treat book as I was browsing a local craft store. I thought I could do these and how cute for teacher appreciation idea. I already had a large flower cookie cutter and a brownie mix at home.

My recipe called for chewy or cake like brownie versions. I went with the cake version.

Once they were cooled I cut 6 flower shapes out of my 9×13 pan of brownies. So far so good.

I then attempted dipping them in the melted chocolate discs. This is when things got a little messy. Thinking back maybe I should have froze the brownies slightly like the cake pops.

I did end up with 4 decently covered brownies. Two were sacrificed to the children’s for a taste test. I might say they were a chocolate lovers dream.

Once they were covered I added the pop. Once they dried they were substantially durable.

I then melted another color in a sandwich bag (ziploc) and outlined the shape. Then decided for the middle of the flower I would add some yellow sprinkles. Make sure the outline is dry first or else you will have a mess.


Once the decorations are dried place them in a cello bag and tie with a green ribbon. Feel free to add a green tag to look like the leaf with the children’s name and a cute saying like thanks for helping me grow.

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  1. Those are the absolultey cutest idea. I will have to print this out and give it to my kids as a hint lol. I am homeschooling mom, so I am the teacher 🙂 So glad I found you from the I love my Online friends hop. Can’t wait to read more!

  2. What a fun idea! I am going to definately try this! I found you through the weekend blog hop!! I can’t wait for more!
    Have a wonderful week!