Building your child’s EQ through Board Games

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Just as much as it is important to help build up your child’s IQ, did you know that a building a child’s EQ is just as valuable? This summer has been a test to me as my kids seemed to fight more and more as we near our final month of summer vacation. Good thing EQtainment sent us Q Wonder game and book to reestablish some of these basic Emotionally Intelligent Kids.

EQtainment is a company that creates  fun and affordable games, story books, and videos to help kids practice emotional intelligence. What is Emotional Intelligence, it includes many necessary life skills such as self-control, motivation, empathy, and social skills. Good golly I am not sure where I have gone wrong with my kids.
Studies have shown that having a high emotional quotient boosts career success, relationship satisfaction, leadership skills, health, humor, and happiness.


So on the first rainy day after we received our Q’s Race to the Top Board Game, I had the three kids sit down and try to actually get along and play a game. Granted the older two are probably too old for this game, but I thought it would also improve their empathy and self-control as they guide their younger brother through a game.


Each turn you will land on one of  3 different activity cards. You Cards asks questions about You discussing manners, creative thinking and self awareness. Q Cards gets the player thinking about what they should do in different social situations and DO cards are motor skills cards that make kids learn to control their bodies and try not to be too silly. a


This game was great for a rainy day, as it did not only involve some motor skills to get the giggles out but also had them sit down together and have conversations prompted by the cards. They love to appease their mom when an award is in store, like SNACKS.

This game is cute and it is definitely geared toward the younger crowd as suggested. The adult leading the game can adjust the game for their audience adapting the cards to fit the skill levels of the kids playing. 
I see myself using this game during my preschool enrichment classes for a small group activity. 

I wish I had this game to play with the kids when they were all younger to really see how you can build your child’s EQ through a board game. Since EQtainment and this game is  brand new you can help by checking out their QuickStart Campaign which launches Tomorrow, August 12th.

How do you build your child’s EQ?

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