Burp Cloths or Tea Towels adorned with Ribbon



I showed you how to make the fabric towels now I will show you how to make an even easier but not less cute, ribbon option. I sewed these but I imagine you could just use Fabri-tac and glue them on. With ribbon the styles and colors are endless. If you do not have a good store to buy ribbon, try Ebay. I have found really cute ribbon on the site and you don’t have to buy several yards as with most other ribbon sites.

Simply decide if you want to have the ribbon go down the seams of the diaper or simply adorn the bottom. (Be sure to purchase the diapers that have the inserted liner)

Cut the ribbon to fit the desired length of the diaper. You can seal the ends of the ribbon simply by burning it with a lighter or you can purchase Ribbon Fray at a fabric store. Once the ends are sealed, fold them over  and pin down.

For this example, make sure and place the ribbon on top of the each seam. Pin down in a few places to keep in straight while sewing. Sew down each side of the ribbon making sure to reinforce the ends.

I chose to use 2 ric rac ribbons for this example simply because I saw the ribbon and thought it would be different. You only need to use one ribbon, just be sure it is at least 1 inch wide.
After cutting the proper length and sealing the ribbons, I placed the ribbon along the edge of the diaper or tea towel and pinned them on top of one another and through the diaper. 
Sew along the top and bottom of the yellow ribbon. Now you have a unique and quick baby or hostess gift.

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