Can Moms Take A Sick Day


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Ricola Dual Action Honey. All opinions are 100% mine.

Are Parents not allowed sick days? The kids are not going to get to their after school activities on their own and most likely the dog will be dressed up in a costume if you are not on duty. Your busy life that can’t be paused for a cough and sore throat so this is what you need to carry around during cold and flu season. Stock your purse with Ricola Dual Action Honey Lemond drops. Ricola has been around for years but have you seen the Dual Action variety? 

Cold and flu season Ricola Dual Action  provides the natural relief for your cough AND sore throat. Unique product with liquid center. It’s natural and effective relief for these symptoms.



Have you seen these at your Walmart yet?

There is now no need to carry around two products for each symptom, you still get the natural product that will soothe that awful cough and relieve that nasty sore throat that is probably a result of coughing too much. We have all been there right? 

  During cold and flu season make sure your purse is filled with Ricola as well as tissues. When you feel that nagging soar throat, you will be ready for action and hopefully be back onto all those things moms have to do each day. 

What would happen if mom’s took a sick day? I know what that would mean in our home. Depending on the ages of your kids this usually means: No laundry would be done, no carpools and no meals would be prepared.


Either way, no need to be coughing and dealing with a soar throat in the confines of your bedroom. Stay stocked with Ricola Dual action Available at Walmart and just pretend cough every few hours so they think you are really sick!

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