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 Our family loves licorice. Anytime we take a road trip we grab the big package of licorice to snack on. For the most part,  is it more guilt free than other candies and it never melts.

Although I try to limit the amount of sugar my kids eat, when we get an offer to try a product, especially licorice, I am all over it. This Product review was provided from American Licorice Company—makers of Red Vines, Natural Vines and Sour Punch.

We were provided with a big box of treats to try, many flavors and products I had never seen but my kids were going crazy.

So what is the difference between the Natural Vines and Red Vines?
Natural Vines
·         All natural, tasty indulgence  
·         A tasty treat without guilt or mess
·         Premium licorice
·         All natural ingredients
·         Black and red both have licorice in them
·         Bite size
·         Made in the U.S.
·         Made in a nut free facility–great for allergies

Red Vines

·         Delicious treat

·         Sweet reward
·         Classic, heritage brand
·         Red Vines available in Original Red, Black Licorice, Grape, Strawberry, or Cherry flavors. Makes for fun food crafting
·         Deeply rooted in the traditions of the American West, the Red Vines is a  premium-quality     licorice.
·         It continues its old-world licorice making practices starting with the same tried-and-true ingredients from its original recipe.
·         fat-free, no preservatives, very low sodium.
Our thoughts, the Natural Vines were more flavorful and tasted like a traditional licorice flavor. The problem with the Red Vines is that they lacked a lot of flavor. I do love the colors they come in for food crafting I just don’t think we would purchase them to snack on very much.
Most of the products are too sweet for me but my kids would have already devoured if I did not have a tight hand on them!

 I did see very large Sour Punch Straws next the the Slurpie machines at 7 Eleven. Talk about a sugar rush!!

Next time we entertain with kids we are going to have a cupcake decorating party and use all these fun candy and utilize the fun colors. My kids might just have to experiment with them first!!

Even better you can have the kids play eating licorice game at your next party. Each kid puts one piece of licorice in their mouth and his hands behind his back and on go, they race to eat the string of licorice the fastest.


We were provided product to review. No further compensation was provided. All the opinions expressed are 100% our own.


  1. Oh my heavens, can we get this in Canada? I would love it. Plus I could share with my niece and nephew who have peanut allergies. I love red licorice so this would be yummy.

  2. Being Canadian, I’ve never had that brand, but licorice is yummy.I love that it doesn’t melt or get too messy.

  3. I love red and black licorice! That natural one looks great!

  4. My kids and I love the Sour Punch Straws. My favorite is the apple.

  5. I love licorice! These sound yummy and I love that they are fat free, since I’m on a low fat diet.

  6. Pregnancy does funny things;)

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