Check on your Pets While You are Not Home with The Samsung SmartCam HD Pro

This post on how to Check on your Pets While You are Not Home and Giveaway is brought to you from The Samsung SmartCam HD Pro. All opinions are 100% our own.

Have you ever wanted cheap, easy security for your house or have ever wanted to see what your pets do when you’re not home? Well you’re in luck because recently Samsung has come out with a line of cheap, easy to use cameras. The service they run is Samsung’s SmartCam HD Pro.and it is like no other home camera. One huge perk is their free subscription. Other services will charge you to view the footage with an SD card. The SD card automatically sends the footage to your computer or mobile phone. You can even talk thru this amazing camera. 

The Samsung SmartCam HD Pro 

Ultra Wide Angle: The Samsung SmartCam HD Pro touts advanced features for keeping an eye on your furry friends, including 128 degree ultra-wide angle security coverage, 1080p full HD live video streaming, advanced motion detection and so much more. Not only that, the SmartCam HD Pro also offers a sleek design at an attractive price. 

Two-Way Talk

Go ahead: remind your child to do her homework or tell your dog to get off the couch. The Samsung Enhanced Two-Way Talk feature lets you not only hear what’s going on around the camera, but also allows you to talk back through your smartphone, no matter where you are. A built-in audio minijack that accommodates external speakers (not included) amplify and enhance the sound quality.

Another perk is its easy set up. There are many tutorials on their web site but this is the one I used  (Set Up). All you have to do is plug it into your wall and the wifi router and it will connect to your device! If you thought it can’t get any better, it can. The camera also have many settings you can control to personalize your camera such as Motion Detection alerts, automatic night vision, and many more. The Night vision is very nice because it will automatically switch when it becomes too dark for the normal vision to see. If you are looking for a cheap, easy to use Home security camera, I would recommend one on the Samsung Smart Camera line. 

Here is the view during the day. This shot represents a screen shot from my son’s laptop. Please excuse the mess!!

The Samsung SmartCam HD Pro

Night Vision: Forgot to leave the lights on? No worries this camera is equipped with Night vision. How cool is that. Here is the screen shot showing the night vision. 

The Samsung SmartCam HD Pro

Local Video Storage:

Maybe you don’t have wifi capability on a trip, With Local video storage, you have the option to record HD video and watch it later. 

The Samsung SmartCam HD Pro

One lucky Close to Home Reader has the chance to win one of these Samsung’s SmartCam HD Pro. No more worries about what your pets are doing while you are not at home. You will get notifications of any movement. So put one in your room if you worry about your dog getting on your bed while you are not home. The uses are endless. 

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