Christmas in July or Beach Keepsakes

Whenever we travel somewhere new I like to pick up a christmas ornament as a memory of the trip. It is so fun to put the ornaments on the tree which brings up such great memories.

This year, I did not get an ornament from our beach trip so I decided to make them ourselves. Anyone with children probably has a stash of shells or rocks picked up from various beaches. I decided to line the kids up on the counter with some paint, ribbon and a glue gun.
Here is what we came up with:


                           “snowman ”                                              

Be sure to write the child’s initials and the location of the shells if you remember.

I read online that you can harden sand dollars  by painting on them with a mixture of 1 part elmers glue and 1 part water.

They are also a great canvas for water colors….

*No animals were harmed in the acquisition of these shells, my kids are told to only get empty or dead shells:)

Not ready for christmas, in the past we have purchased inexpensive frames and glued shells on them with a glue gun for gifts. Or simply make creatures out of them.

Jewelry would also be a fun project, how about shark teeth necklaces…. we made these at the hotel we were staying at. All you need is thin gauge wire and some elastic.
I was more nervous we were finding such big teeth on the beach.
Let your imagination and fond memories of the beach come alive in this project.

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