Christmas Wreaths of Williamsburg–Using natural elements to create wreaths

Instead of hitting Black Friday Specials and fighting the crowds, we took our visiting guests to Colonial Williamsburg for the day. The weather was a perfect 60 degrees in Virginia and the kids and parents all needed a bit of fresh air.

I was thrilled to see that the Christmas Wreaths were already on the homes there and thought I would share how the colonial folks decorated their wreaths with natural elements. I think these are such a great break from the glitter and plastic of what I have already on my door and a great use of elements you might find in your own yard or grocery store. Maybe you will get some Christmas Wreath Decorating Ideas from this post or inspiration to do something more natural this year! (sorry about the loss of so many pictures as they were stored on Photobucket and now are gone unless you pay. )

williamsburg christmas wreaths

williamsburg christmas wreaths


Using a mixture of dried and fresh fruits and flowers they have some beautiful combinations on the Christmas Wreaths of Colonial Williamsburg. They even used oyster shells to adorn these.

 Christmas Wreaths of Williamsburg

Cotton is used on this Christmas wreath to wrap the mold.

Christmas Wreaths of Williamsburg

I love the simplicity of these little evergreen Christmas swags that you really can put anywhere. I also love the use of Magnolia leaves and evergreen in these wreath designs. These are definitely easy enough ideas to try this holiday. I do wonder how long the pomegranate will last on this too?

No worries about this Pineapple going bad on this diamond shaped wreath, it is made with dried flowers.


Christmas Wreaths of Williamsburg

This Christmas Wreath idea is probably my favorite and love how it accents the red door.



Which is your favorite Christmas Wreath? What unusual items do you decorate your home with?


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  1. I love the pinecone

  2. These are all great! I love the natural theme in all of them!!

  3. Those are so pretty, I love the artichokes. I think that is a nice touch. Also they are colorful, that is nice to see. I am also rather partial to the sea themed one.

  4. I like the last one best! We haven’t done a wreath for awhile but I want to do one this year =]