Kid Friendly Christmas Crafts Using Peppermint Candy

Kid Friendly Christmas Crafts Using Peppermint Candy

I had a bag of starlight peppermints, you know the kind, circle swirls of peppermint. Feeling like being creative I searched Pinterest for Christmas Crafts with peppermints and found a cute peppermint tray idea. Not sure if it would last the season, it said they were very fragile and decided to try to make peppermint ornaments and lollipops using the same method. These would be so fun with the kids and you could use any hard candy. Just do not walk away for very long especially if you plan on not using a form.

Christmas Crafts Using Peppermint Candy


Christmas Crafts Using Peppermint Candy

First the ornaments, they seemed pretty straight forward at the time. I used a mix solid candies and crushed candies on the larger cookie cutters. You can make these free hand also but they will spread like the picture above so expect bigger than you think.

 Image 5

Heat the oven to 300 degrees. Line a cookie sheet with Parchment paper and place your steel or tin cookie cutters on top. Fill the cookie cutters with the candy. I made mine only one candy size thick but you could add more if you use the crushed candy.

peppermint ornaments Christmas Crafts Using Peppermint Candy

Place in the oven for 8 minutes and check to see if they are melted thoroughly. Add another 1 minute until you get the desired look. WARNING: they will melt completely if you walk away too long.

Image 8

Allow to cool slightly then punch out a hole for the string. (these would make cute additions to a gingerbread house too)

Pop them out of the cookie cutters and allow them to cool fully. They do set up quickly so again don’t leave the kitchen for too long.

Christmas Crafts Using Peppermint Candy

Add some ribbon and you have adorable peppermint ornaments. They are very fragile but edible:)

Since I had a few peppermints left over I thought I would try something different. How about peppermint lollipops?

Image 9

Again, place 3 peppermints around a lollipop stick. Heat for 8 minutes and check. These will spread out very quickly.

peppermint lollipos Christmas Crafts Using Peppermint Candy

Once they are out, roll the stick slightly with into the peppermint to secure the  stick.

Add a lollipop cover and tie with a ribbon.

Christmas Crafts Using Peppermint Candy peppermint lollipops 2

Super fun party favor for a kids party.

UPDATE 12/13  wanted to share some pictures sent by a reader. This is the peppermint cake tray she made.

peppermint tray


Here is the peppermint cake tray with a peppermint cake. Thanks so much for sharing your creativity. peppermint cake



What is your favorite Candy craft?


  1. These are beyond awesome! Never seen anything like it before. Wish I would have seen this before christmas. Thanks for posting! you could do a wicked lot with these ideas!

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