Curing Olives at Home–Penna Foods Style



Look what came from FedEx today! What are they you are probably asking? Fresh Green Olives from Penna Foods. Fresh, meaning from the tree and uncured.
My brave eater thought he would try one right out of the box. As you can tell they were quite bitter.
So what are we going to do with 2.5 pounds of fresh olives? First the kids were able to see what a fresh olive looks like. That was worth the expereince right there. But we are going to cure them at home. You might be asking yourself why? Well the good folks at Penna Foods have offered me the opportunity to try their new line of fresh olives and share with my readers our expereince of curing them at home. You can find out more about their products in my previous post here. This is definitely something we have never tried, nor thought to try.
On their website there are three different home curing techniques. We have chosen the most traditional Mediterranian olive curing process, Partida Style.
Penna Gourmet Foods Fresh Olives are available starting around the middle of September (weather permitting)  So we are trying this before going on the market!!
Here we go!!
First steps are to rinse the Olives and then smash them on a board.
Here is a video of my kids explaining how to do that!
For the next 10 days we will simply change out the water each day. This process helps get the bitter out of the olives. So unless there is something new to show you we will post again on day 10! Now I need to find a spot for the pan of olives for 10 days!
This sponsorship is brought to you by Penna Gourmet Foods who we have partnered with for this promotion.


  1. That’s so weird! I don’t get why you would smash them, aren’t they whole when you eat them? 10 days is a long time. I’m interested to see what will happen to them.

  2. WOW!!! So interesting!! And I LOVE olives!!

  3. Not a fan of olives, but I have family who loves them! I’ll pass this link to them 🙂

  4. What an absolutely fabulous learn experience! No an olive fan here but still great family time!

  5. I have never cured olives at home, thanks for sharing!

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