Custom Pet Portraits and Hand Painted Dog Ornmanents

We all love our pets, I think if you have read Close to Home for any length of time you know how much we love our pets, Chloe and Lacy. (Lacy the cat is more camera-shy than Chloe). This past Christmas I decided to give the family a special present and have Chloe’s portrait done. I originally looked on Etsy for golden retriever portraits and while they were cute,I did not want another golden’s face on my wall. This is when I found Shannon D. of Wall of Fur Creations.

pet portraits

I am trying to remember how I found her but not only is she an amazing custom pet portrait artist but she lives in Richmond VA too. Bonus no shipping charges. She can paint up to 3 animals in one portrait. We emailed back and forth a few times and I sent her several different photos of Chloe.

She helped me choose the picture based on what I was looking for. Shannon not only paints realistic pet portraits but she also is known for her contemporary portraits. She has been an artist for twenty years but has recently found a passion for immortalizing the unique and quirky personalities of our pets through her new endeavor Wall of Fur Creations.

During the process she sent me a few different stages of the pet portrait of Chloe. She was very accommodating, as I wanted a mix between contemporary and realistic. The first photo she sent was a little too contempory and she easily made the changes, (well she was accommodating not sure how easy) and the final portrait email was perfect. Since I had such a unique twist in my portrait style, she has a “Chloe Style” portrait available on her website.

We love having our Wall of Fur Creations Custom Pet Portrait of Chloe up in our kitchen. 

pet portrait

Chloe is not sure what to think of the new golden retriever in the house.

She also makes hand painted Christmas ornaments of your pets. My favorite new ornament this year for sure.

pet ornaments

She has done many memorial portraits as well, as long as you have a photo she can paint it.For more information and pricing  on Shannon and Wall of Furr Creations visit her website or Instagram page.


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  1. She also does portraits of cats, you can see some examples on her instagram site.

  2. I have a friend who would love this. She spoils her dog rotten and she knows it.

  3. That is beautiful!! What a priceless gift for someone that has a dog in their family!! Pinned & Tweeted!