Wear your memories on your hand….#LovingMemories

Thanks for Creation Source and  The Blogger Connection for sponsoring this post about how to keep your memories close by in a unique fashion.

We all know the expression of wearing your heart on your sleeve, so how about wearing your memories on your finger… Our family had a pretty big summer visiting family as well as just fun adventures together. I felt like I was never home. Below are just a handful of pictures of some of our family travel adventures.  To memorialize those memories I could make a picture book that gets looked at for a few weeks and then collects dust, or I could wear these memories in a piece of jewelry.

custom ring

You may be asking how you can do that? This is where Creation Source comes into play. Creation Source brings life to your everyday accessories and tools. Begin expressing yourself like never before possible! 

custom rings

Maybe you want to always have a loved one near by that is deployed or passed away, having them on a piece of jewelry is a great memory and gift to give someone. What a great way to capture a wonderful trip or major event like a wedding or birth of a child. There’s nothing like an item customized especially for you. Creation Source allows you to carry the pictures you love with you all the time!


My only concern which I think is not avoidable is the edge where the ring is put together shoots out a little bit.


Each ring is hand-made and the photos can made in Color or Black/White The Materials used to make these loving memory rings include: metal, resin, and  jewelers resin.

 I chose to make a ring of a handful of photos from our summer 2013. I chose to have my photos in black and white but I like them in color as well.

 Creation Source products can be customized for:

  • Custom rings (you pick pictures and ring sizes to fit)

Custom Ring

  • Custom Apple computer Logos

Custom Apple Logo #lovingmemories

Currently they are running a special for 2 rings for $100 on their Etsy Shop.

 What Memories would you like to capture in a Custom RING or iPad logo?

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  1. Wish I would have thought to write timeless accessory in my post that is the best description for this!

  2. That is amazing! I would’ve never thought of anything like this. Definitely a timeless accessory!

  3. Aren’t they great? I got mine in the mail the other day and LOVE IT!! My post will be up soon. 🙂 Great pictures and info!! Tweeted!!

  4. Thanks Tara I am not sure I would have done anything with the photos otherwise:)_

  5. They are super cute.. Would you get color or black and white Rachel?

  6. Summer 2013- what a great idea. I love this ring – I can’t wait to get mine!

  7. Very cute way to share photos