Dog Care-How to Keep Dogs Safe in the Summer

Dog Care-How to Keep Dogs Safe in the Summer
Thanks to Royal Canin for sponsoring this post on keeping your dogs safe in the summer.

Just like humans, dogs are highly affected by the heat of summer. It is a hard balance between wanting to keep them active and also keeping them safe from the warmer weather. Our Golden prefers the air conditioning to the heat but that does not mean we can just let her be lazy all summer! She needs to stay active. We are going to share some dog care tips on how to keep you dogs active but safe in the summer.


While keeping your dog active in the summer here are some dog care considerations:


Never keep your dogs in the car during a warm day. You would not keep a child in a car and the same goes for your dog. If your dog is outside for a long time, consider putting out a baby pool for them to cool off. Allow them to swim in creeks and rivers if they are strong swimmers, but always have fresh water for them to drink. Discourage them drinking from puddles etc.



Did you know you can apply pet-friendly sunscreen on your dogs? Dogs that have thin coats are especially vulnerable. Before applying any to your pet, talk to your vet for recommendations.

Burned foot pads

Ever walk on your driveway in the middle of the day barefoot? Well your dog has no choice to put shoes on. Be careful   to walk them early in the morning or late at night when pavement has a chance to cool off. Also finding a grassy field might be ideal.


Never restrict a pet from water. Have plenty of bowls outdoors and always bring along an extra supply while hiking or at the beach with your dog.



Keep play sessions and walks shorter on very hot days. Instead of an hour long walk, provide a few short bursts of exercise during the day or get up early in the morning when it is coolest and the pavement is not heated.


For more information about pet summer safety and tips, check out My Pet Reference, from my partners at Royal Canin.





  1. I think it is mainly on their exposed skin. That is a great question and we don’t apply it on our Golden as she is dark pigmented nose etc. IF you are concerned I would talk to your vet.

  2. Good for you Carol, glad you help dogs that have dumb owners.

  3. Good for you Rebecca, they can’t call the police themselves. Yesterday I saw a car running with ac on with the dog in the driver seat.

  4. So important. Sometimes the Summer can truly be so draining that we forget even our pets and their safety.

  5. Pet safety is so important…and that looks like the coolest dog toy ever!

  6. It surely does get hot for the pets. I love the idea of the dogs swimming, but here in FL. I get nervous about alligators.

  7. This really opened my eyes! I have to remember they can’t really tell you what they need so you have to be prepared.

  8. I that crazy lady who tattles on people who leave their dogs in their cars. Especially here in FL where it gets over a 100 in the car.

  9. Very good post. I just can’t believe any person (big or small) or animal should be left in a car.

  10. Wow – these are great tips! I do thinks to keep my dog from getting too hot but I had never thought of burned foot pads! Thanks for making me aware!

  11. We’ve been taking shorter walks now that the weather is hot and humid. So important to be aware of our pets’ comfort during the hot summer months.

  12. I get so seriously heartbroken when I see any pets left outside in the heat or cold. It’s absolutely disgusting to me, why have pets? The poor innocent souls. These are great tips!

  13. Great tips. People need to think about their dog’s safety too in the heat.

  14. the heat does a lot to dogs just like humans. They get hot and uncomfortable as well we must make sure to take care of their needs as well. Thanks so much for this wonderful post that to me works as a reminder to keep our dogs safe

  15. I would have never thought that dog would get sunburn because of the fur. How do you apply sunblock on a dog without their coat getting matted?

  16. I never knew that pets could get sunburns or that they have sunscreen! Great tips!!

  17. I can not believe some people leave their dog’s in the car on hot days. It’s disgusting.

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