Everyday Dog Grooming Tips to Keep Dog Smelling good


This has been a super wet summer and every morning after our walk my dog seems muddy and wet. That is just one issue facing your dogs  in the summer! My dog gets so hot she loves to find water. You should not wash your dog daily, not even weekly unless they keep getting squirted by a skunk. So how do you keep your dog from not smelling totally like DOG in the hot summer months? Continue reading to find some dog grooming tips to help keep your dog smelling good in between baths.

The summer also could mean taking your dog on vacations to the beach or lake. A dog grooming nightmare:

After a week of this:

Everyday Dog Grooming Tips to Keep Dog Smelling good

and this: Chloe was a dirty, smelly and unfortunately knotted mess. (she had a blast getting that way I must add)


Here are some everyday dog grooming tips on how to keep your dog’s smell and coat under control:

1.Brush her frequently. This helps remove any dirt, debris and bugs that he may have gotten into and helps cut down on the smell factor. It also helps remove loose hair and distributes the natural oils on her coat. With dogs with longer hair this also helps with matting. After the beach Chloe had some mats that got out of control.

2. Sprinkle some baking soda over your dog’s coat. Avoid sprinkling it on her face and eyes. Massage the stuff into his coat and skin with your fingertips. Grab a brush and give your dog a good brushing to remove the powder. Baking soda is known for its cleaning and odor-absorbing properties. Or use an in-between spray like Cloud Star Buddy Splash Dog Spritzer.
Everyday Dog Grooming Tips to Keep Dog Smelling good
3. After a day on the beach or lake be sure to rinse her with plain water. The water will remove the debris without stripping her coat of natural oils. Use clean, dry towels to remove excess water from her coat.
4. When it is time to really get your dog clean, use a safe shampoo like Buddy Wash Shampoo  and Buddy Rinse Conditioner
  • All natural
  • Soap free shampoo + conditioner
  • Builds a rich lather, that rinses easily
  • Made with pure botanical extracts and natural conditioners
  • Soothing bath time experience
  • Coconut-based, alcohol free
  • Safe for frequent use, even on puppies
  • Made in USA
  • Available in three scents: Lavender & Mint, Rosemary & Mint, and Green Tea & Bergamot

Picture courtesy of Cloudstar.com

Much better:)



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  1. Our 4 dogs are professionally groomed twice a year, once during the fall and once in the spring. But we brush them whenever we can get them to sit still. Only the puppy comes inside, though.

  2. I do a light brushing of my collies about every other day and a good all over grooming including trimming nails and using the clippers on their long foot tufts every month or so. I give them about 6 baths yearly except for recently when Izzo fell into our lake and came up green covered in duck weed, he got an extra bath that day!

  3. I brush him daily and do the baths & nails monthly.

  4. My dogs go to a groomer every month or two. However, I brush them daily, check/clean their ears, trim nails, blow out their coats, and “spot” clean as needed.

  5. Brush daily and bathed once a week

  6. I love Cloud star products. I love the lavender and mint shampoo and conditioner. It leaves my dogs coat soft and shiny as well as smelling good. I know it doesn’t have harsh chemicals etc and good for environment. They also have great treats!

  7. About once a month for bath/nail trim, brushing in between esp if they are blowing their coat.

  8. The dogs get baths at home once a month and brushed weekly. They also go to the groomers twice a year : )

  9. I try to bathe my dogs regularly as they need it. My longer-haired dogs get brushed more than my shorter-haired dogs. I just got a Springer Spaniel and plan to brush him weekly to keep him mat free.

  10. We take our Lily to a do it yourself bath place. Need to do it more often that we do.

  11. I brush her with a Furminator almost everyday. We haven’t given her a bath yet, we have only had her for 5 days and the rescue gave her a bath a couple of days before we got her.

  12. I groom my 3 dogs (1 Australian Shepherd, and 2 Cattle Dogs) weekly. One day is set aside to clips nails, clean ears, brush teeth, and brush and bathe them. =)

  13. I have eight fur kids so it seems like I’m always grooming someone. I try to brush them once a week while they are blowing coat and as far as baths…..the rescue pit and the rescue chihuahua get baths far more than the others which are shelties as those two seem to get stinky much faster….the little stinker chi is bathed probably every two weeks, the pit every month during the warmer months and the other dogs more like every 6-8 weeks during the warmer months….of course there are always random bathsand grooming sessions if someone gets dirty or whatever. These products would really come in handy with my fur kids and I’d love to win them to use for them. Thanks for the chance to win!

  14. The pups end up getting groomed A LOT. We have shelties so between their double coats, twice yearly sheds and beach time it is easy to loose track of exactly how often they get groomed. It seems a near constant process around here.

  15. We shower them monthly, and brush them weekly.

  16. Not as much as I should. I wash her once a month and brush her once a week. It’s hard because she was abused and scares easily

  17. Bentley is groomed about every 2 weeks

  18. Wow Connie I never heard that before. Our puppy was just under 8 weeks maybe that is why. Enjoy your new puppy

  19. I just got a 6 week old puppy 2 weeks ago. The vet told me to wash her twice a week while she is little to replace her mama cleaning her.

  20. Our two dogs are outdoor dogs that roam the woods daily and go for swims in the lake several times a week. We brush them often (sometimes daily), but bathe them only three or four times a year.

  21. twice a week for my chorkie she gets so oily

  22. I have a grand dog that lives in California and my daughter in law and son take her to be groomed at a shop about every month, since kona is a house dog, I like the idea of these grooming products and would love Buddy Splash for Kona

  23. We don’t have an exact schedule we follow, but we do take him to the groomers regularly to have his nails clipped. Our dog is mostly an inside dog and we bathe him more in the summer than winter. He has short hair and does not require much brushing or anything like that. I’d say every two weeks or so…

  24. not as often as I should.. although she is a small dog.

  25. I bathe Vicki about once every 3-4 months. If she gets dirty in between we use wipes an/or dry shampoo. She doesn’t like water or mud though so she doesn’t really need it any more often. She gets combed about once a month as she has short hair and I give her a trim whenever I see her hair growing too long, about 2-3 times a year. Thanks for the giveaway.

  26. Your dog is beautiful! I have yorkies! They need grooming all the time, which I do it would be too expensive to take them. Great review too!

  27. We give our two little Shishons baths twice a week. This would be wonderful to win, ease the expense when it comes to dog shampoo and conditioner!

  28. I groom my dog about once every other month. I do trim her up myself every week and bathe her when she needs it.

  29. My two dogs get baths every sunday and Sushi actually gets her hair shaved by me every 6 weeks or as needed.