Don’t forget your Pet’s this Holiday Season–Pawalla Giveaway 3 winners

For many pet owners, these adorable four legged creatures are as much our family are our children. No time to shop, no worries, Close to Home is going to make it even easier to surprise those pets in your life with a giveaway from Pawalla. Best thing is we are going to pick 3 winners.

When it comes down to who is naughty or nice these sweet eyes of your pet will quickly have your forget those naughty behaviors. Our friends at Pawalla, a subscription box for both cats and dogs is giving Close to Home the opportunity to make one of your pets very happy. What makes us happy for this giveaway, we will pick 3 winners to receive one Pawalla Gift Box.

For more details and to read Close to Home’s review of Pawalla Subscription boxes read this post.

The box will not be there by Christmas but what a great way to ring in the New Year with new toys for the dog or cat in your life. Enter the rafflecopter below and good luck!

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  1. I have 2 little dogies~Sonnie and Buster. I also have a big fur baby cat Lucky!

  2. I have a 6 yr old Rat Terrier named Eva 🙂

  3. I have two kitties, Onyx our 3 year old pain in the butt brat cat, and Luna our 13 year old attention hog. Both whom I love dearly.

  4. i have 10 pomeranians (or i should say they have ME)

  5. I have 3 cats – my girl Bruin, and my two boys Boots & Odin

  6. I have a dog AND cat! My Dog is a boxer/lab mix. Her name is Mila and I also have an orange cat that I got in October a few years ago, we named him Jack! (jack o lantern)! 😛

  7. I have a bunch of fur babies……I have three rescue dogs, blue a pit bull who was saved from the streets and was likely a victim of abuse as the poor thing was only a little baby, approx 12 weeks old and was half starved, broken ribs and internal bleeding……he’s now four years old, happy healthy, full of love and the best friend and protector of all the little guys…. Second rescue is a chihuahua rescued from the pound who was going to be euthanized due to a severe case of kennel cough that had progressed to pneumonia….the chi is shorty….he’s blues best friend. I also have a rescued sheltie who came from a family who had too many kids and too many big dogs and no time for a little guy…. And five other shelties….then there are the two rescue cats….got a houseful but wouldn’t have it any other way! [email protected]

  8. Ranger Danger and Jersey Belle! Thank you!

  9. Our fur baby dog is named Roxy

  10. My dogs are Buffy and Darla , but we also have 4 kitties Fluffy, Nermal, Odie, and Garfield. The boys are brothers we rescued from a local Humane Society.

  11. I’d love to win this box for my dog Pee Wee. 🙂

  12. My dog Charger could totally use some goodies! He’s a super sweet rescue pup!

  13. I’d love to win this for Spencer, my cousin’s lab!

  14. Snickers (the dog) would love some new toys!

  15. I’d love to win for our dog Bear