Easy Hot Mulled Cider

Easy Hot Mulled Cider

Thanks to Kauffmans Fruit farm for providing samples to post about easy hot mulled cider. No holiday party is complete without a nice cup of hot cider. Often I will make a batch of hot cider for a party and sometimes half of it will not be used or some people don’t like the amount of mulling spice I added. Thanks to the folks at Kauffman Fruit Farms, you can make individual cups of hot cider as you would a cup of tea.

Kauffamn Farms have mulling spices in the form of tea bags that you can seep  to acquire your flavor preference. You can add it to any type of juice or even tea to acquire that comforting mulling spice flavor. Each box comes with 24 bags, plenty for a party. These spice bags are very convenient – just heat your Kauffman’s apple cider or another healthy juice (like this must-try selection using cranberry juice), add a bag, steep for 3-5 minutes and ENJOY!


I only had traditional apple juice at home. I warmed it up in the microwave, and then added a Kauffman’s Mullign spice bag. I allowed it to steep for about 3 minutes and then tasted it. It was more subtle than if I was using a true apple cider but could still taste hints of cinnamon and clove.


Serve your hot cider with a wedge of apple and a cinnamon stick. 

easy Hot cider

I have seen people make hot cider bars these cider tea packets would be perfect.

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Also I saw this tea wreath on Sawdustgirl.com  These would make an adorable teacher gift as well.

No matter if you just want to cuddle up with a good book by the fire or entertaining for the holidays, be sure to grab a few boxes of Spices for Hot Cider.


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