Easy Pets to Take Care Of

Raise your hands if your kids keep asking for a pet.  We have a solution for Easy Pets to Take Care Of that might just keep your kids satisfied.   This post is sponsored by KidStuffPR and Julie was provided with a fre Foggy Liar’s Biosphere in exchange for her opinion.

My kids – ages 4, 7, 9 and 11 – have been relentlessly begging us for a dog, especially over the last six months when they’ve seen neighbor after neighbor take on a pandemic pet.  Ok, while you cannot exactly cuddle with froggies on the couch, the benefits are they do not have to be walked, are only fed twice a week, are very affordable and truly entertain children!

Easy Pets to Take Care Of

Easy Pets to Take Care Of for Kids

WHAT DO YOU GET IN THE Easy Pets to Take Care Of Froggy Lair’s Biosphere? 

Froggy Lair’s Biosphere will send you two African Dwarf Frogs, who are about six months old, for $69.99.  The kit comes with everything you need in the mail with very thorough, easy to follow instructions:  just add Spring/Distilled water to the one gallon, self-cleaning Biosphere tank provided, add the bio-activated sand, gravel, decorative rocks and bamboo.

Easy Pets to Take Care Of froggy's liar

Finally, pour or scoop in your frogs.  The company says, with minimal, proper care, these frogs could live for 5 plus years.    They have been a great “first pet” for my kids.  The kids learn about caring for a living being and they bond over watching them jump and play.  Recently, my 7-year old yelled out, “Hey, two of the frogs just kissed!”  She swears it was true!



These frogs have also become our “class pets.”  A last minute decision during this pandemic to homeschool with another family means our basement has become the classroom.  Our students were so excited to have our class pets arrive. 
The teachers (aka, moms) have truly enjoyed building the frogs into our school day.  We rotate who feeds them and have even done a couple lessons on the life-cycle of frogs and African Dwarf Frog research (hooray for science!).  It was interesting for the kids to learn that the brown sand included is actually bioactivated and manages the chemical amounts in the water (the most important factor for keeping an aquarium clean and thriving). 
They learned about the bamboo plant and that it feeds off nutrients produced by the bioactive sand and so, produces oxygen for the frogs’ habitat.
Easy Pets to Take Care Of


As my 4th grader wrote in her journal entry about the frogs:  “I love the frogs!  They’re so cute and playful.  You get to feed them and watch them grow.  It’s also really cool to set up the habitat.  You can name them and read to them.  It’s so fun.”  The company suggests letting emerging readers read to the frogs as a cool way to ensure children are not intimidated by their “audience.”  Reading to them has been a really neat benefit to having class pets as we have embarked on this new homeschooling journey.
Again, the “lesson plan” options are endless with your Froggy’s Lair frogs.  For learning adjectives, we had the kids write descriptive words about them up on a white board.  They were as follows: “pink, tired, relaxed, super, cool, cute, fun, interesting.”   
Our two frogs were quickly named “Cocoa and Marshmallow.”  We sadly lost one after a couple weeks which the company had warned could happen BUT they immediately sent us TWO replacements, per the company policy. Second grade math anyone?  One frog plus two new ones means we now have a total of three frogs:  “Cocoa, Hazel and Marshmallow Junior.”  Our two new froggies seem extra energetic and really have been fun to watch thrive.  
It is obvious why Learning Express, “edutaining” toy store chain, recently named Froggy’s Lair as its Science Toy of the Year.  To summarize, these frogs have taught our kids about science (and more!) while they have a whole lot of fun.
Froggy’s Lair BioSphere • Ages 5+ • $69.95 • www.FroggysLair.com

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