Easy Risotto with Progresso Recipe Starters

I have been a fan of Progresso Soup brand when I don’t have the time to make something fresh or just want a quick lunch for myself. BzzAgent sent me a can of the Creamy Portabella Mushroom Recipe Starters.
This new product from Progresso is supposed to save you time in your meal planning. Their website offers 30 days of recipes that will let you get dinner on the table for 30 minutes. You can find them in the soup aisle at the grocery store.
So now what to make with this. I often don’t use pre-made sauces. The recipe on the can suggested trying it in burgers. That was not very pleasing to me so I went on Progresso.com/recipe-Starters and found a creamy risotto with mushrooms. Right up my alley. You can also get this app for your phone so you can easily find what you need while you are at the grocery store.
My family loves risotto but let’s face it, standing in front of the stove for 45 minutes stirring every few minutes is just not what I want to do on a weeknight.
This was perfect, as the guide suggested this took less than 30 minutes to put on the table and I would serve this to guests. We thought a few slices of cooked steak would be delicious on top of this. Come check out two other risotto recipes I have tried one traditional one super easy.
I am a BzzAgent and was given this product to review. I was not given any further compensation for this post and all opinions are my own.



  1. This looks so yummy! I’ve tried to make risotto before, but it didn’t turn out the way it should have. I need to practice making it more often. I’ll definitely be trying this recipe.

  2. I’ve always heard about risotto on the Food Network, but I’ve never eaten it or made it. Thanks for the easy recipe!

  3. Even though we don’t like mushrooms, this looks very good! I know they have a chicken version, so maybe that with chicken on top?

  4. Yum! I’ll have to give these a try. Sometimes you just need something quick!

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