Easy Sewing Project: Dog Silhouette Pillow Tutorial

Trying to update my husband’s man den in the basement, I was browsing for some new pillows at Homegoods and saw a cute pillow with a dog silhouette. I thought wow that is cute, but I don’t need a Yorkies in my basement. (No offense to Yorkies but Chloe might get offended)   This inspired me to not only update the couch pillows put to also reuse the old pillows to save a little money. Ready for this easy sewing project and learn how to make a dog silhouette pillow. This would make an amazing Valentine’s Gift for any pet lover.

DIY dog pillows

Before heading to the fabric store, make sure you know the size and style of pillow you need so you can buy enough fabric. I found sewing for dummies has this great reference for fabric needs for pillow cases.

Also helpful to bring any additional fabrics or pillow you are trying to match.

I chose to make two different colors since I was replacing two pillows. I used a thicker denim fabric for the pillow covers, and a cornstalk weavers fabric for the silhouette part. I chose a golden like color for my Golden Retriever.

dog silhouette

The hardest part is finding an image on-line that represents your breed or dog. I found this one and it did not have too many legs to cut out either. I have seen people use photos of their dogs to create silhouette portraits as well. If you are artsy draw one up too. I had to cheat and search Google. Enlarge the picture to fit on your pillow size  and Print out your picture.

My finished pillow was 14×14 and my silhouette was 10 inches long (nose to tail) and 6 inches high.


I used 2 way heat and bond Ultrahold Iron On adhesive and followed the directions to attach to my dog fabric.

Sew your pillow to the point of adding the stuffing or pillow insert. (Check out this tutorial on  how to make a pillow)


Cut out your dog silhouette and attach to the front of the pillow per directions. Make sure the opening is at the bottom of the pillow.


After it is adhered to the fabric:

Fill the pillow and sew up the opening!


Told you this was an  easy sewing project. Well if you can’t sew than this is not “sew” easy but maybe you can get a friend  help with the pillow, they are one of these easiest sewing projects you can do.

silouette pillows

Who would you make this dog silhouette pillow for?



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  1. Victoria, She would love this pillow project, it is really super easy if you already know how to sew up a pillow, my first sewing project as a kid. The hardest part is choosing the animal silhouette:)

  2. Thanks for stopping by Shashi. This is a real easy first sewing project too. NOt sure how old your daughter is but she can help you at least stuff the pillow.

  3. Let me know if you need help finding one, I just googled it!! other websites created their own based off picutres but I am not that artistic

  4. I love dogs and I would love to make more than one of these cute pillows for me and my sister. They are darling and would look great on my couch.

  5. I need to find a pug silo — would make a great gift for a friend! 🙂

  6. I need to find a silhouette of a westie so I can make one of these for my friend who is obsessed with her little pup.

  7. I love this idea! They would be adorable for my couch. This would be a great summer project for me.