How to eliminate Cat Odors wth the Litter Genie

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The best and worst thing about owning a cat is they are easily potty trained. However, if you don’t take care of the litter box properly, everyone that walks into your home, knows you have a cat. Instead of being surprised by the allusive feline friend, visitors will walk into your home and immediately think, where is the cat? How do you eliminate cat odors from your home?

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On the same topic, you probably don’t throw dirty diapers in your kitchen trash, or at least you shouldn’t, there are special disposal systems for that. Well your cat’s litter box deposits are no exception and  don’t belong there either. If you are like our family, we have a separate trash can in a different part of the house, actually outside our home, for both pets daily gifts. This is not a big deal for the dog, because that is where she uses the bathroom, the cat, you now lose some convenience.

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Have you heard of the new Litter Genie, available at Target stores? Not only will it contain the smell of your litter box deposits but it will also save you time walking back and forth to the separate trash.

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The Litter Genie took just a few moments to set up. I took a few pictures of the process as the drawings that came in the instructions were a little hard for me to get quickly. I had trouble identifying exactly where the litter bags sat. 


Then the rest is up to you. Just scoop, Dump and release the lever. The litter collects at the bottom of the Litter Genie in a double ply bag. It has a built in bag cutter and according to the directions, you should not have to purchase a refill every 2 months. That is a lot of time saved moving poo.

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To see what other cat owners are saying about their litter box odors and how the Litter Genie is helping eliminate cat odors,  check out Litter Genie’s FACEBOOK:  and TWITTER pages.
Now that we have the litter box poop smell under control, now we just need our children to be better about cleaning it out regularly. Sorry the Litter Genie does not clean out your litter boxes, just allows you more time to enjoy your cat. It is up to you to control your litter box odors by cleaning it out regularly. Maybe now you will because you know you can drop your findings in the same room!! 

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Thanks for helping us learn how to eliminate cat odors.

So #PetParents and Cat owners, what are you waiting for, head on over to Target for your Litter Genie. What are you most excited about?


  1. I didn’t know they made one for cat litter which always smells so bad no matter which litter we use!

  2. YOu still use the litter box you just dont have to run to the garbage everytime you clean it.

  3. The Litter Genie seems like a much better solution than the usual litter box. I realize you still have to scoop and throw in the trash, but this seems much more sanitary.

  4. What a good idea.

  5. My cat is choosy about his litter. He smells that his scent is there before he uses it.

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