Entertaining Made easy with Semi-Homemade treats- Private Selection

Entertaining does not have to be hard and you don’t have to spend all week in the kitchen. Also it can be fun to have spontaneous parties too. In order to have the ability to have easy or unscheduled events here are some pantry items to have on hand for the impromptu get together.

Looking at the picture above from Private Selection available at your Kroger stores,  you can see having some simple pantry items you can have a great spread to share with guests and a glass of wine. Private selection has a great variety of jarred olives available. Throw an anti pasta platter together with crackers, cheeses and salami’s and your guests will be glad they came over.


As part of my Bzzagent membership, I was given all these great items from the Private Selection brand to help make entertaining easy. I do a lot of entertaining and when I can just throw some appetizers out that are semi homemade, it makes me so happy. The Private Selection brand is also slightly cheaper but no less quality than the well named brands out there. Grab some hummus and crackers, carrots and celery also to throw out in a pinch or simply enjoy for a healthy snack.


I am also not afraid to admit I do use jarred sauces on occasion. With this hectic time of year, throwing together a quick meal is more than welcomed. I picked the Marinara sauce by Private Selection to review. 1- 2- 3 I had a healthy meal for the kids that they enjoyed. No one said it does not taste like yours mom. You can throw together a bunch of different meals with jarred spaghetti sauce and even use it for pizza sauce in a jam.


I think this looks just as good as homemade sauce. See the large pieces of tomato in there.

So next time you are in a Kroger Brand store, check out the different products in the Private Selection brand displays. You won’t be disappointed. For more pantry and Fridge items to have on hand for easy entertaining check out this previous Post.

Here is a quick list of items.

1. Chips – potato, pita, nacho, corn, kale – there are endless varieties that will always be a welcome crunchy option for the party table. Or for those who like the challenge, make your own using a microwave.

2. Hummus – the most popular dip – palate-pleasing and perfect for the wide array of friends who may have dietary restrictions or are vegetarian. Sabra offers some unique flavours such as roasted pine nut or Greek olive.

3. Pickles – another addition to the snack array – whether its the traditional dill or the popular olive, its an easy option for the host or hostess.

4. Nuts – the holiday season always means nuts to me -Head to your fave bulk food store and keep the nuts on hand for an easy and healthy snack.

5. Chocolate – a sweet treat is always going to draw all ages to the party table! And to keep it festive, go for holiday colours and flavours with Hershey’s Kisses, already in a festive package.

I received these items as thanks to BzzAgent and Kroger Brands. I was not given any further compensation for this post and all the opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. I so wish we had Kroger here! Everything looks so delicious and so easy too!

  2. I really like the Private selection. The quality is faboo!! Oh…so are your pics!!!

  3. Everything looks delicious, great post!

  4. I love these products. I got the same one. The marinara is what we ended up picking up as well, though we haven’t used it just yet.