Flossing Without the Pain-Complete Care Water Flossers by Water Pik

Fun fact: Flossing regularly actually improves life expectancy since it decreases your likelihood of gum AND heart disease. So I decided to name five things on my life list I plan to accomplish… all because flossing is helping you to live a healthier, longer life.

  1. Travel to Italy and maybe spend a month in a villa learning how to cook more traditional meals (after the kids are in college of course)
  2. Move to Sea Island Georgia for the winters and play golf twice a week with my husband
  3. Visit Australia and New Zealand and snorkel the great barrier reef
  4. Grow an organic garden that provides enough food for at least 2. 
  5. Hike around 3 more national parks both east and west coast of US

Wow I don’t only need good teeth but a good retirement savings for those wishes!

In all seriousness, I want to introduce you to the Waterpik WaterFlossers again. Who know they made such a variety of styles. Not to mention a must needed child version for our house.

The Waterpik WaterFlosser not only helps with the food in between the teeth but helps reduce plaque, gingivitis and gum disease. Proven to be 50% more effective than traditional floss and removes 99.9% of plaque from treat areas with just a 3 second application. In just 14 days you should be able to see results.

Here is the Complete Care Version: Complete as it comes with the sonic tooth brush as well as the Water flosser. Brushing alone is not enough and using an electric toothbrush is 159% more effective than brushing manually. Wow there is not contest and no excuses not to have good oral hygiene using this system.

It comes with a travel case too so you don’t have to give up the great toothbrush while traveling.



  Looks like someone has commadered ours!
No worries Waterpik is offering  A $10 Savings Coupon on the Complete Care system, which can be found on Water Pik’s Site  


Unless you are sitting there over your children each time they brush their teeth, impossible with our busy schedule, how do you really encourage your kids to have good Hygiene? Answer: Give them a fun product to use that they will be excited to use. The Waterpik Flosser is 3000x more effective as they can easily work through their mouth with out getting stuck with broken flossers or bloody gums.

Don’t think they were flossing this much even with the kid flossers!! I think they enjoy the spitting of the water the most.

Love that it closes up

all decorated with the decals
What is even better is that Waterpik is offering a Back to School Savings: Get a $10 Savings coupon when you “Like” Water Pik on Facebook . A great investment for your kids future. They all come with additional heads so they can share them too! They have head versions for braces so no worries there.

I received free product in exchange for this post. All opinions expressed are my own. I was not given any further compensation.


  1. This would be especially helpful for kids with dental work.

  2. I am SO bad at flossing, it’s just such a chore to me. I know that is terrible- i blame it on my parents for not teaching me to do it! anyway, I think this would really help with that, this thing sounds awesome! I’ll have to check into getting one. thanks!

  3. good info. I’ve been thinking about replacing our old elec toothbrush, it has a water floss part but it leaks. this looks like a perfect product for flossing. cute for kids too. I like the travel case since that is when I floss even less.

  4. the hygenist at the dentist office said this product was fine to use instead of flossing….and my gums and teeth did improve….use this twice a day…..and have replaced it each time it quit working….worth having…….

  5. As a dentist, I highly recommend this! Thank you!!!

  6. i really need a water flosser thanks for sharing about it. crystal

  7. I used to use Waterpik when I was a kit. I loved it! I can’t use it now though because we don’t have a counter to sit it on, just a pedestal sink in a very small bathroom. That’s cool that they have a child’s version now!

  8. Such a great idea. Flossing is hard for little hands, not to mention I would enjoy this as well. Thanks!

  9. This is so, so cool! I used to have a water pik when I was younger and I loved it. We so need this. We are not huge flossers in our house. Bad, I know.

  10. This looks AMAZING! I’ll be honest, I absolutely hate flossing… and even brushing my teeth can be a pain. This is great for adults and kids alike (and my fiance, who seems to fall somewhere in between…)

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