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My husband is constantly telling me we need to be better at budgeting our expenses. Easier said then done with 3 kids, a dog and my interest in travel. But where does one start? I don’t necessarily want to hire someone so now what? I know a few people who had unexpected expenditures due to health or home issues and find themselves struggling to manage these misfortunes and feel overwhelmed as a result.

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Who will say no to free financial advice? Tax season is here and don’t we all want some advice on how we can change things for this year. In celebration of Black History Month, Kmart has teamed up with Glinda Bridgforth, author of Girl, Get Your Money Straight! to create a family finance e-guide that you can download for absolutely FREE! We want you to Share the Word now too.
Glinda’s financial guide really has so much to offer and help empower yourself and your family with these awesome tips and a free download that includes amazing budgeting templates. Did I mention it was absolutely FREE!! 
With Glinda’s tips you can find ways to  make your money go further with Kmart programs such as Layaway and Shop Your Way Rewards benefits! I already am a Shop Your Way Rewards member and love getting a little rebate on purchases, every bit counts and if I am already shopping for necessities might as well get money back.

The first step to becoming a Kmart Smart and financially savvy shopper is downloading this guide: 

What is your biggest fear in regards to your finances?


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  1. I am always looking for budgeting tips. I need more practice

  2. We don’t have enough in our emergency fund.

  3. Awesome Tips I’m Pretty Much A Great Saver It Just When The Money Isn’t There To Put Aside!!

  4. we’re always looking for new ways to cut back or save. and there’s always the kids’ accounts for college

  5. great tips, we are pretty frugal but it’s always nice to hear more about budget tips!

  6. Thanks for sharing this! I can always use some free financial advice.

  7. I think anyone could use some good financial advice, especially at tax time.

  8. The Shop Your Way reward card sounds amazing. I agree if you are already needing to buy something, why not get rebates and rewards from purchasing it. Thanks for sharing these budgeting tips.

  9. My biggest fear with fiances..? Well, we are really good about budgeting our money. Everything goes towards bills first – and then we save… We could do a little better with some of our spending (ie: couponing more). But my biggest fear is that when baby arrives, even though i have insurance, that the dr bills are going to eat us alive

  10. My biggest fear is my husband losing his job. Right now my part time income wouldn’t be enough.

  11. My biggest fear is that an emergency will come up, and we won’t have enough money to pay our expenses.

  12. I need some budgeting tips. Thanks for the post.