Get the Kids to Do Laundry Printable

Get the Kids to Do Laundry Printable

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At what age do you think your kids can start doing their own laundry?  I have started making my 14 year old do her own. However, if I happen to go to the laundry room while she is doing her weekly load, I find everything that she wore that week in the washer at once. From darks, to delicates to things that need to be dry cleaned. I am impressed a few clothing items did not totally shrink down to infant size. I know part of it is laziness but I am not totally sure I explained what she needed to do before starting a load of laundry on her own. With summer upon us, and I needing to find some free time and help with chores. I decided to make it official, to get the kids to do laundry and make this Free Laundry Printable to help my kids know the “proper” way to do laundry.

Get your kids to do laundry with this free laundry printable

We all have allergens due to the pollen in this area. It is important to wash our clothes on a regular basis so the kids don’t have breakouts. We use all® free clear to help us live free from sensitive skin worries. My youngest is a swimmer and his skin has also become more sensitive,  all® free clear has helped not to further irritate his skin. 

Get your kids to do laundry with this free printable

Did you know all® free clear removes 99% of everyday and seasonal allergens, “including cat and dog dander, dust mite matter, ragweed, grass, and tree pollen”. This is so important here in Central Virginia where our cars turn green during the height of pollen season and in our house with our long haired golden retriever. It not only helps with allergens but also all® free clear detergent fights tough stains, whitens whites, and brightens colors. 

Get the Kids to Do Laundry Printable

Get your kids to do laundry with this free laundry printable

You can get your kids to do laundry, the right way by simply printing this free printable. 

Hang it into a 8 x10 picture frame and put it your laundry room. 

This printable reminds kids to sort their clothes into three different piles. 

Get your kids to do laundry with this free printable

What temperature to set the laundry machine. I really like the 

Get your kids to do laundry with this free laundry printable

To check the labels on their clothes, especially before placing them in the dryer. 

Get your kids to do laundry with this free laundry printable

You can find all the wonderful all® free clear products at Target. I like the all® free clear mighty pacs®as they are easy for the kids to just throw into the washer. This way they won’t add too much detergent. 

kids laundry store laundry printable

What would you add to this printable to get the kids to do laundry for themselves? 



  1. Now that’s my kind of help. We are an ALL family and use nothing else. Thanks for the printable.

  2. Kudos to kids for doing their own laundry and for parents to instill discipline! Start while they are young 🙂

  3. We homeschooled for a few years so my 11 year old started doing laundry. I would maybe add to list a checkmark for uniforms. I can’t tell you how many times my son is missing his uniform or it’s in the wash and he’s not ready for a game. That’s motivation to get clothes clean.

  4. My son is 6, so he isn’t responsible for the washing and drying part of laundry, but he does help fold and put laundry away. I think a printable is a great idea for older children learning how to launder clothes. It’s so important to teach self-sufficiency! #client

  5. We love All Free Clear laundry detergent in our house, and what a neat idea to have a printable like this for your teen. Clever mama! 🙂

  6. It has always been a struggle to get my kids to do laundry. At the end of the week my laundry room has developed a mountain of stinky clothes. Maybe if I had your cute printable as a reminder my kids would have been more regular laundry participants.

  7. The sooner the better I think. Going away to college is too late to learn!!

  8. Awesome printable! I love All. My kids can help fold laundry which is nice. I remember doing my own laundry as a kid, because there were five kids, and my parents couldn’t keep up!

  9. Its perfect…. I think if I hung this up by the washer/ dryer my girls may be able to do it by themselves. They try to help me fold but it just ends up taking me twice as long and frustrates me.

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