Getting to Know Maria the voice behind Close to Home

Close to Home was started 4 years ago when my youngest started preschool and I was looking for an outlet that I could do from home in the short hours I did not have children around. As you all know those hours go by quickly and those first years were more learning experiences than anything else.

I have since taken this blog more seriously and still trying to find my niche that I enjoy the most. I love sharing successful and sometimes unsuccessful recipes. Being a parent with busy kids finding the time to cook healthy meals are so important. I do not make everything from scratch so these are not hard recipes just  real food to give to your kids instead of running to the fast food or pulling something processed out of the freezer. Don’t get me wrong we all do this, just don’t want to make it a daily habit.

I also share a lot about entertaining tips such as kids birthday parties and having families over for fun nights out that don’t cost a lot. Family time is important to me but I do enjoy my time. Getting to the gym or taking a walk is a must for me and my family can tell if I have not.

Close to Home is also always on the look out for family friendly products that are great for pets, children and adults. I love items that make like easier and are well made. We provide a lot of product reviews and gift guides to help you make the right decisions before opening your wallets.

Our family loves to travel and recently we have been sharing our posts of our adventures, especially this summer. Give us a location and we will not sleep until we have experienced all that we have time for.

I look forward to being a part  of this 2013 Back to School Social Party and hope you will join us too. You can find out more here and enjoy this e coupon code twentyFive for 25% off of the Tier 2 or Tier 3 passes. This is my first type of event like this and I am sure it will be great. Look forward to meeting more of you. 

Who’s Invited?

Just about anybody over 18 who enjoys socializing, blogging, and/or growing a brand. It’s NOT just for parent bloggers. Whether you blog about fashion, beauty, DIY projects, food, business, etc., you are welcome because this Event will be packed full of Social Media info and networking that can truly help your blogging journey succeed!







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  1. How interesting, I didn’t know they had events like that!! cool =) thx for sharing!!