Time and Weight Management for SoFabCon

Ok well I had posted all these great ideas to get back on track with time management last month, even made a document to follow. I honestly can say, action is louder than words. I have yet to open this document and still feel overwhelmed with my time management and blogging as life gets in the way A LOT. So when this second post was due, I started to panic.


Here is this month’s blog prompt: What are the challenges and successes you are noticing so far in your journey to feel SoFabulous? What new strategies can you implement to reach your goals? Which strategies are working that you will continue with?

Now that lent has started and I am feeling the winter blues and extra weight of not working out, I am now more motivated. So I guess for the next 40 days I have the Catholic guilt working for me in the fitness challenge. Being a food blogger really does not help my weight, at least keeping me away from sweets. It is not drastic but I know I have stopped working out as much but I continue to eat the creations I make.

For example, I have a CBias post due on Monday for Candy, of course I could not find the candy before lent. Friday I was busy baking and covering things in Chocolate. While I had to taste the results, I did send a lot of it to a friend for her family to taste test. Only one of the five people living there had given up sweets for lent. Marking this down as a small act of Kindness!!

I find that a huge accomplishment but also a challenge to my goal of feeln’ SoFabulous for SoFabCon. I must say I have worked out each day since Ash Wednesday so I hope I will continue this journey.

Have Lent changed the way you are eating or exercising?

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  1. Thanks for sharing your story! I love that you are giving up sweets, but i feel so bad that you made all that chocolate and couldn’t eat it! Next time, send it to me! 😉 Good luck on your journey!

  2. I am Catholic as well and I’ve given up desserts (cake, cookies, ice cream, candy)! It’s been so hard, but probably the push I needed as well to help me through Feelin’ SoFabulous and to get back on the “weight loss train!” I hope I can start dropping a few pounds soon! Great post! And keep up the good work!

  3. I had a CB family dinner on Ash Wed and the whole meal was meat meat meat so yes Lent can be a challenge! I did the same as Rebecca and found ways to do extra to make up for it. You did really well with handling the sweets issue though! Can’t wait to see you at SoFabCon!

  4. With the arrival of Lent we try and think of what we can give back instead of what we can give up. So while I am giving more of myself to others, I’m also making sure I get one hour of “me time” to do what I need for myself (go on a walk, read a book, take a bath, etc). It’s so refreshing!

  5. Good for you! Working at home with 3 kids I really need to get back on track with healthy choices as well. Look forward to seeing you in May!

  6. Oh Maria…I am dealing with the Lent things also. Forgot it was Friday and had chili!!! 🙂 I decided to do something extra…exercise…instead of giving up something. Then I decided to unplug socially on Saturdays and after 8PM in the evenings!! We are going to be an amazing group at SoFabCon!!

  7. No lent here! Thank goodness – it’s so hard to give up something. I suppose if I had to, it would be chips! Maria – you can do it! I know you can. Supporting you all the way and then some. See you soon – glad you’re my roomie at SoFabCon – we have a lot to talk about!