Great accessories for your Cat and Giveaway

Most of you have heard about our dog Chloe, our 4th child. She is often seen spoiled by new accessories and toys. Well before we had Chloe we adopted “Lacy” Flowers. We adopted her as a barn cat to take care of the rodents near our house but has been the most friendly and loving “barn cat” we could have asked for.

So today I am sharing some great Cat products from PetSmart I was sent to review. I shared some with our neighbor cats too, since they are more indoor and playful.

Who says pet toys have to be boring? Check out this new Cat line exclusively at PetSmart, Laurel Burch. Who is she? Laurel Burch used to be a famous artist, and 
is now using her art for cat products. I have never seen such creative and beautiful cat toys before.

Check out the assortment sent to me. Your cat is going to go bunkers with all the wonderful colors, textures and smells! Check out our neighbors cat with her new Laurel Burch toy, words can not describe her happiness.

This is not another ugly pet accessory in your house, it is a piece of art. Check out this fun Laurel Burch cat tunnel. 

She was reluctant to go in…

                                                and then she does!

The cat toys are filled with cat nip and most have slots so you can refill them when they lose their scent. No need to throw them away, just buy an inexpensive bag of Catnip at the pet store and your cats will be partying all year long!!

Martha Stewart loves her cats too. PetSmart carries a line of Martha Stewart Dog and Cat  

accessories. We were provided this very poofy cat bed for Lacy. Talk about royalty. Martha does treat her animals like kings and queens. This bed is more plush than my own. My son warmed me immediately not to even let the Dog see the bed, she would just see….Massive amounts of Fiber filling to pull apart!!

We love that it has the skid proof bottom so you don’t find the bed on the other side of the room in the middle of the night. I know Lacy is really going to enjoy the comforts of her Martha Stewart Cat bed.

EVEN BETTER ONE CLOSE TO HOME READER will have the chance to WIN Laurel Burch and Martha Stewart Pets cat giveaway valued at $25. Open to both US and Canada. Come back tomorrow for the Lucky Bunny Giveaway Hop to enter.

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I was not compensated for this review. I did receive product but not committed to writing a positive review. All the opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own and my differ from your experience.

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  1. What great toys! A beautiful cat, too! My cat is jealous looking at all the toys you got! Petsmart has such a wonderful selection!

  2. I seriously ADORE those Laurel Burch toys! Cat toys are so generic, and these are absolutely beautiful. I think my cat would love them almost as much as I do! Totally going to have to spoil my kitty this week 🙂

  3. I am seriously a crazy cat lady! I’d love these for my 2 kitties 🙂

  4. I have seen Martha Stewart’s line of pet beds before and they are gorgeous. I just wish my cats liked the one pet bed they have so I could even realistically think about bringing another/a new one in. They are very nice, though.

    The Laurel Burch cat toys are so cool! So full of color, they serve a purpose, and they look great!

  5. So adorable, cats love toys filled with catnip! Makes me miss my cat Scratchy, she lives at my parents in the country now.

  6. Awesome toys . Your cat sure seems to like them alot . Very cute products

  7. Those toys look great! We love the Martha Stewart Pet products here!

  8. Those are great toys! My cat would have loved them, especially the feather one!

  9. What a fun assortment! We have a friendly “farm kitty” who ended up being much more of a lap cat who lounges around indoors. I bet my kids would love to shower their cat with some fun toys like these.

  10. I can’t wait for the giveaway! Our 3 cats are very spoiled and would love some new stuff to play with since a lot of their other toys are getting a little shredded!

  11. What FUN accessories for any kitty! Colorful too!