Great Gift Idea For Kids 8+ STEM Gift Idea

Great Gift Idea For Kids 8+ STEM Gift Idea
 Are you looking for gift idea for kids? How about a gift  to get your child engaged in something other than his video game or tablet? Thanks to KidsStuffPR for sending us this amazing Circuit Building Kit that is a great gift idea for Kids8+. A new company, Circuit Scribe, has invented a remarkable pen that writes with conductive silver ink to create a working circuit. Now novice third graders and experienced high schoolers can have fun with circuitry and electronics in a totally new way. All they need is a piece of paper and a Circuit Scribe pen! Here’s a great video that will show you the magic and wow of how Circuit Scribe works. My 10-year-old was so thrilled with this kit and it kept him engaged for hours.

circuit builder kit

Typically on a weekend morning, my youngest like to watch cartoons. After getting the The Maker Kit ($79.99) he could not rush downstair fast enough to continue creating circuits. This Circuit maker kit is the gold standard to appreciate the magic of electronics. Kids can do this on their own or with some help from a parent. 



The maker culture – learning-through-doing such as robotics, electronics and traditional metalworking or woodworking – is a hot topic in school hallways. Kids who classify asmakers encompass every letter of STEM and STEAM and even STREAM learning! From hackers to DIYers, it’s a national passion.


Great Gift Idea For Kids 8+

Boy or Girl this is a great gift that will keep your kids off their devices and into something great. Now my son wishes I got him the larger kit with a few more options. I love finding gifts that are engaging and educational. It will be a sad day when the pen runs out, however, you can buy a replacement for $20. 


Just check out the intensity in his face as he gets a new circuit developed. 


Buy your circuit kit now for less $$:

Use the code:  HOME15, to save 15% off anything on the site at through Nov. 21. Let the early holiday shopping commence!

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NOW  WIN a giveaway for a Circuit Scribe Maker Kit a great gift idea for kids 8+. Enter the Rafflecopter below. 

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  1. I would love to win for my daughter

  2. I would love to win for my daughter

  3. I would win this for my kids and give it to them as a Christmas present!

  4. I would love this for my daughter!

  5. I would love this for my daughter!

  6. I would want to win this prize for my girls. My husband would pribably like it too.

  7. I would love to win this for all three of my kiddo’s, but I know my son would especially love using and learning from this!

  8. I think my grandson would enjoy this so if I won he would receive it.

  9. I’d win this for my three boys. I think they would have a lot of fun! Thanks!

  10. I am trying to win for my daughters who are 13 and 7.

  11. Honestly I’m probably going to have more fun than my son with it … but hey I’ll try and teach him with that set.

  12. I would love to win this for my little cousins.

  13. I would like to win this for my cousins.

  14. This would be perfect for my grandson! He loves making things and is so interested in any thing like this. Perfect gift!

  15. I want to win this for my daughter 🙂

  16. Omg so many cleaver gift ideas!!! Totally up my daughters alley!!! Nothing better than things you make

  17. I am hoping to win this prize for my niece. She really loves STEM type activities.

  18. Any kid would love this. I’d like to win for my niece’s kids.

  19. What a terrific gift idea. I love gifts for kids that are both creative and educational.

  20. I am entering to win this for my son and daughter.

  21. I would love this for my great grandson.

  22. I’d like to win for the grandkids in my life.

  23. I like to win this for my grandson.

  24. I am winning this prize for my nephew.

  25. I would love to win this for my nephew for Christmas.

  26. I’d love this for my 2 sons.

  27. I believe that my nephew would love this!

  28. My nephew would love this for xmas!

  29. Would love to win this for my daughter!

  30. I am trying to win for my son. He is almost 13.

  31. I would just love to win this for my son! Thanks!

  32. If I won it would be for my son. This kit looks like so much fun!!

  33. This would be great for my son. He would love it!

  34. I love hands-on gifts for children that forces henna to think outside the box!

  35. Such a cool gift! This would be a cool Christmas presents for kids. I wonder if I should get one for my brother. Thanks for sharing!

  36. What nice gift idea for my kids. This is so fun and perfect to them.

  37. That is such a neat project. My daughter has been building mini robots from kits she received for her birthday. I know she’d love the circuit kit.

  38. This looks amazing!!! I am picking up the basic kit for my nephew for Christmas!

  39. What a fun gift idea!!! I love that it helps to encourage the kids to learn more, I think it looks like fun myself!

  40. I think any kid would enjoy these circuit kits. They look like you could spend a few hours busy with them.

  41. How cute is this. And I love gifts kids can actually make!

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