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Thanks to the Proctor and Gamble for the opportunity to attend their P&G Access event, Love the Pet, Not the Mess blogger event in Cincinatti. Although I was provided transportation and lodging for this event, all the opinions expressed are my own. I will be sharing some great products for  pets and home from P&G. We all love our pets and these will help keep our pet healthy and our home allergen free.


When you get a bunch of Fur Baby parents together for a conference, what do yo think you are going to talk about? Fur Babies and blogging. 20 bloggers from around the country were invited to #PGPet for an overnight of fun and education.

We stayed at the Museum21 hotel, a small boutique hotel, that also has a modern art showplace. Not only do they have 2 floors of galleries that are open to the public but each room has the modern art appeal.


Probably not a place for your kids, as there are “lady bits” in the shower, Yes you face the shower head and you face a bosom. This was just one of the body party lining the tiles of my modern bathroom.


Ok enough, our first event was to Pappy Hour for an annual event in Washington Park. We were able to meet the spokes dog for Iams, eat dinner and enjoy some trivia with animal trainer Andrea Arden, a super intelligent and amazing lady, catch her on Animal Planet if you get a chance.


The following morning we headed to Cincinatti zoo for the educational part of the conference and the chance to hear about some amazing P&G Pet products. The conference was filled with training tips and P&G products for pets and to keep our homes smell, dander and mess free!#PGPet #sponsored

First the obvious, Iams Pet food. We were given an in depth description of what goes on behind the scenes whedeveloping pet food. So much research is involved both with animals and even before a product is made


I love these Iams Shakeables. I often find myself grabbing the big treat container in our kitchen and shaking it to get Chloe’s attention when she is being stubborn. Now I can keep a can of these Iams Dog treats by the front door in her basket.

Iams continue to change formulas and create new products to serve their every changing canine and feline population.


Next is a Febreze product I wish they would make for our dogs because with a Dyson pet attachment we could vacuum off all the pollen. The new Febreze Allergy Reducer traps the allergens like dander and pollen onto surfaces like pillows, and then you can vacuum it up. Try hitting a pillow in your house and see for yourself.


Be sure and watch this video for a better demonstration of the Febreeze Allergen Reducer  product.


I am sure you have met our four legged Swiffer, Chloe. During pollen season I can not vacuum the floors enough. All those lovely pollen stings floating in the house, not to mention the tiny pollen particles themselves. This is a big problem here in Virginia during the Spring.



I can not pull out my vacuum all the time so I often pull of the new Swiffer Sweep and Trap. You can find my previous review of the Swiffer Sweep and Trap on a previous post. At this demonstration I did learn you can take out the rollers very easily and release any hairs that get caught in there.


The #PGPet conference was not only fun, but also full of great information to make keep both pets and family owners coexist happily.

What is your favorite P&G product for pets or your Home?

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  1. i definitely need to try the Febreze Allergen Reducer!!!

  2. We love our Swiffer. Didn’t realize there could be so much stuff for pets!

  3. When we had cats, we bought Iams for them all the time! They loved it 🙂

  4. So many helpful products! We love P&G!

  5. The Swiffer is so neat..I want one! Perfect for the RV!!!

  6. That looks like a fun event. I bet my dogs would love the Iams Shakables and I could definitely use the Swiffer!

  7. I can’t wait to try out those IAMS treats!

  8. wonderful products – big fan of the Swiffer – it’s a mom must have!

  9. I mean really right, I can only imagine what a guy who has been away from his wife/girlfriend might do in that shower….gross

  10. The Febreze Allergy Reducer sounds like something I need to try! I’m still cracking up over your “lady bits” shower. 😉

  11. Sounds like a great conference. Love all P&G products.

  12. My pets love Iams! I love the Shakeable treat container.

  13. Incredible the variety of products. My dog sheds so much hair it ddrives me crazy. I need a swiffer.

  14. Oh I heard about that conference! I only feed my baby Malshie Iams dog food. I love that swiffer weep. My baby is shedding quite a bit right now.

  15. I love the Febreze! It keeps my house from smelling like kitty cat!

  16. Sounds like it was a great event! We don’t have any pets but I am sure these products will be a great help to all pet owners.

  17. This sounds like a great conference. The idea of trying to keep both pets and humans to coexist happily (and with less mess) is daunting. We definitely struggle with it with our 3 cats and 180lb St Bernard! lol I think we’ll check out the Iams Shakeables too!

  18. My 14 year old son wants the Swiffer vaccuum. He says we need one.

  19. Looks like a great conference. We don’t have any pets right now, but I still get a lot of use out of the Swiffer!

  20. I don’t have pets right now (*sniffle*), but I cannot live without my P&G products! Totally jealous of the conference too by the way.

  21. Our dog doesn’t shed too, too much, but the Swiffer is definitely a lifesaver when he does!!