Grilled BBQ Chicken Pizza

Grilled BBQ Chicken Pizza

As a Stubbs Insider I was provided promotional products to make this recipe but all opinions are my own. We eat a lot of Grilled BBQ chicken at our house and honestly, I was looking to change things up a little at the house and had some frozen bread dough. I was not sure how the family, especially the Hubs, would welcome a Grlled BBQ chicken Pizza. Excited to try the Stubb’s Hickory Bourbon BBQ sauce the I was going to take the risk.



Since the weather was perfect that night I decided to try to not only grill the chicken but also the pizza. Let me tell you this was a big hit at the house.

First roll out your dough into one large pizza or smaller pizzas if everyone likes different toppings. If they are home it is fun for them to make their own pizzas. For a quick tutorial check out this post on how to grill pizza.

First grill your chicken or if you are lucky use left over chicken from earlier in the week. I seasoned the chicken with Stubbs Chicken Rub since I did not think to marinate the chicken earlier in the day. It was plenty of flavor for this Grilled Chicken Pizza.


Once the pizza is slightly cooked, slather the BBQ sauce as you would a tomato pizza sauce. I am not sure if you are a cheese first or topping first type of home but I ended up making it both ways, Pizza on top won on this recipe. I used A mix of shredded cheddar and Mozzarella cheeses.

grilled- bbq-chicken-pizza

For additional toppings this is up to you but some suggestions are:

  • Red Onion -my favorite
  • green onion
  • Sweet pepper- I had yellow peppers on hand
  • Pineapple- canned is fine
  • canned tomatoes
  • bacon



Mix things up at your house and serve up a BBQ Chicken Pizza for dinner. Be sure to make some extra chicken for another meal like this grilled Chicken Salad.


What would you add to your Grilled BBQ Chicken Pizza?

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