Halloween Party Activities

Whether you are throwing a little get together at your house or just need some ideas for a class party, here are some tried and tested activities and treats.

I borrowed this idea from a friend’s son’s birthday party. We all have decorated pumpkins before but how fun for the kids to use cut outs from magazines for noses, mouths or eyes. I had my older kids browse through the recyclable magazines in search for larger sized body parts. At the dollar store I was able to find boas to cut up for the hair and packages of googley eyes. Using just Elmers glue here are some of the creations.

To traditional pin the nose, eye or mouth on the pumpkin, your choice. If you have an uncarved pumpkin large enough you can do it right on that.

How about Ghost wind socks. Again I got all the supplies at the dollar store and I made them a little smaller so I could cut out 12 heads out of one poster board. Simply cut out stirps of the white poster board at your preferred length and width. Cut strips of white streamers-2 rolls in a pkg for $1. Simply tape the streamers to the back of the poster board. Have the child decorate the front with marker. Staple the poster board in a circle and then tape or staple a large piece of yarn for a hanger. How fun to have these around your house hanging from a light fixture or fan?
Hot Pumpkin of course is an old and easy favorite. Played the same as hot potato but using a pumpkin of course. Make sure you have a treat available after the kids get out!
Any fun but messy game is Monster Hands. Basically the kids fill a glove with candycorns as finger nails and popcorn in the rest. Tie up the open end and it looks like a monster hand. The dollar store surprised me again by having packages of them in several colors this year. You can also give them as a party favor in a classroom.
Pumpkin Scavenger Hunt, for an outside party one year I had an abundant amount of acorns. I took a little jar of acrylic paint and painted half of several acorns around the yard. The kids then had to find the orange ones and race to fill buckets. The kids were occupied and I had a simple chore completed!
Build a skeleton relay. (probably not for a classroom as you need a lot of room)
Cut out a skeleton templete and have a relay with the kids with each child running to the other end to complete the skeleton correctly. First team with a completed skeleton wins.

For a yummy and quick lunch or light dinner how about Jamaican pumpkin soup. I found this recipe on Crockpot365.blogspot.com. I used an emulsion blender right in the crock pot and made the entire soup smoothe. Also I left out the half and half and let each guest add their own amount.

Monster fingers are also a great hit. Unlike the picture I was inspired by in a old book I have, “Delightful & Frightful Halloween Recipes”, I still had a little oozing of cheese even after pinching them together. I guess that makes it even more spooky.

Simply lay out a refrigerated bread stick on ungreased cookie sheet. Put a line of mustard down each stick. Then add 1/2 inch strip of sandwich meat, I used turkey, colby cheese and honey mustard, but any combo would work. Then add another breadstick on top and pinch them together. Score the knuckles and nail bed. Then mix a egg yolk with food coloring and fill in the finger nail. Bake at 350 for 12-15 minutes. I allowed my to come to room temperature but you can serve warm as well. The left overs are going into my kids lunch boxes!

Pretzel treats on the buffet


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