Hands Free Ways to Keep Your Cats Entertained

Cats are interesting pets and it is never predictable how much they want or will play. We have purchased toys in the past for lacy, but they typically collect dust somewhere. Turns out, we were not buying her the correct toys for her personality. She is a hunter so a little plastic ball with a bell is not very interesting to her. Shine a laser in her room and she is now interested. Thanks to PetSafe® Brand for sharing these new cat toys with us that allow some Hands Free Ways to Keep Your Cats Entertained.

Hands Free Ways to Keep Your Cats Entertained

FroliCat® cat toys, the Multi Laser and the Fox Den,

Multi Laser:
•    Great for automatic play time. Two lasers spin around the room in fun patterns, then the toy powers off automatically after 15 minutes.
•    Great for multiple cat households! Two lasers equal twice the fun!
•    $19.95 — an affordable price for cat parents.

Hands Free Ways to Keep Your Cats Entertained
Fox Den:
•    Motion activated toy that lets your cat play all day. The fuzzy fox tail pops out, shakes and then hides again.
•    “Play All Day” mode for a day full of automatic fun in 10 minute increments!
•    Also $19.95

Hands Free Ways to Keep Your Cats Entertained

So you have seen the details of what these cat toys are supposed to do, how about a live demo? Please remember Lacey is about 9 years old but she is still very intersted in these. I would love to see a couple younger cats get excited about these FrolicCat toys too. 

A little more about FrolicCat company:

FroliCat® innovative pet toys are brought to you by Radio Systems® Corporation. These fun toys provide the ultimate interactive play for your feline friends. All FroliCat toys are designed to engage your cat in enthused play. So prepare for pouncing, chasing, jumping, and maybe even the occasional half-twist somersault.

Now that you have seen these toys in action, would you buy them for your cat?

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