Healthy Outdoor Exercise Routine For Your Dog

Healthy Outdoor Exercise Routine For Your Dog

I was provided toys in return for this review and Tips on Keeping Your Dog in Shape in Hot Weather from Petmate® and Thundershirt. All opinions are 100% my own.

The weather here really has jumped quickly and our Golden Chloe has started slowing down, even on early morning walks. Just like their humans, pets can get out of shape during those long winter months when exercise is limited. Petmate® offers some tips and tools to help pet families get back into a healthy outdoor exercise routine. Chloe also personally reviewed some dog toys that will help everyone have fun this summer. 

Healthy Outdoor Exercise Routine For Your Dog

Tips for Healthy Outdoor Exercise Routine For Your Dog 

1. Pre-exercise/training is a must after such a long winter
Engaging through play helps dogs experience exercise as rewarding and fun and helps to build bonds between pets and their families.
The new Chuckit!® Sport LX Launchers System gets the whole family – and pets – outside and active for quality play time. Designed for family play with two launchers included, the Lacrosse style basket allows throwing and catching, plus Chuckit’s signature hands-free, slobber-free pickup.

If you’re looking to ease into exercising your pet, the new JW Cuz line of toys are a great option to get your dog moving, without tiring them out too soon. The JW® Helmet Heads come with a tennis ball and durable rubber encasement, creating a fun multi-use toy great for fetch or chew. The Rubber adds durability and creates erratic bounce for a run new way to play!

Tips for Healthy Outdoor Exercise Routine For Your Dog

2. Always have water handy when starting a  Healthy Outdoor Exercise Routine For Your Dog
If your dog is panting excessively, stop and let them cool down. Always have water on hand to make sure they can rehydrate.
The Chuckit! Hydro toys offer an engaging and fun option to maintain hydration even at play.

The fetch, tug, flyer and roller are designed to hold and release water for a new play dynamic that helps keep dogs cool in spring and summer weather. With high-visibility on water or land, you can assure your dog will be visibly happy and hydrated when playing outside.

Keeping your dog safe during play time summer dog care Tips for Healthy Outdoor Exercise Routine For Your Dog

3. As it gets warmer, only exercise in the morning or evening
It is generally cooler in the mornings and evenings so it is best to exercise and train your dog during those times. Try to avoid peak day when it can be hottest.
Petmate’s Glow in the Dark collars and leashes offer high-visibility for those evening and late night walks when the temperatures and asphalt is a bit cooler for them.

Speaking of walking your dog… There is no need to struggle to get your dog’s leash on anymore. Especially if she’s walking on the beach off leash and you need to quickly snatch her back up.

Consider ThunderSnap ($29.95) — Designed to make putting on a leash as quick and convenient of a process as possible. It uses powerful magnets and a strong ball-bearing latch mechanism to easily and securely connect to any standard dog collar. Tested on over 300 pounds of force, this leash is sure to hold even the strongest puller. Works with all collars and harnesses.   Be sure to check out the quick video on how this works. 


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4. Avoid asphalt
You would not walk barefoot on asphalt in the summer, so why make your pet. When using interactive toys like the Chuckit! Sport LX launcher, make sure you are avoiding asphalt and play in an area that is safe for dogs. Not only can the rough surface hurt their pads, the heat from asphalt can also harm your dog.

5. Keep your home cool
We often turn our air conditioners up when we are at work or on vacation. If you dog is still home be aware that they can over heat as well. Even when your pets play inside they like it cool. Throw them these fun JW Helmet Heads. 

Keeping your dog safe during play time summer dog care Tips for Healthy Outdoor Exercise Routine For Your Dog




What other Tips on Keeping Your Dog in Shape in Hot Weather would you add?

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