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This post about GiveForward was is sponsored by Sverve and GiveForward. All opinions expressed are 100% my own. Have you ever had a relative or close friend going thru a tough medical issue and not sure how to help? People can be to prideful to ask for financial help to cover all the medical expenses that are not covered by insurances. GiveForward is the world’s #1 medical fundraising site. This website has been live since 2008, and has helped families raise over 100 million to help cover their expenses during hard times. 


This is a professionally run site and they have a team of fundraising coaches to make sure that no family asking for help feels alone in the process. When ever I get a fundraising phone call, the first question I ask the caller is, what percentage does the organization received from my donation. You will be surprised it is usually under 50%. GiveForward lets donors cover the fee, letting everyone who comes to GiveForward know exactly the percentage we take, and since 95% of them cover the fees, 99.5% of all money raised on GiveForward goes directly to the individual. This is reassuring your money goes exactly where you think it will.

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While I have never used GiveForward personally, I feel blessed for this, not everyone knows how to help in times of need especially a medical crisis. You never really know when a medical crisis can hit your family and most people are not prepared financially to provide for themselves or their families. GiveForward is a place to start and provide those you love with some help and encouragement to get through this tough time.

Maybe you don’t have a situation right now and just have a special place in your heart to help those in these situations, find out how you can become an ambassador for GiveForward and help others raise money for loved ones.

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