How to Make a Fabric Heart Headband

I am taking a break from food treats and make something for my daughters many crafts. I had some felt leftover from birthday party craft and have seen felt flowers on the web. Simply cut out 3 or 4 heart shapes in descending sizes. I used a little embroidery floss and made a little adornment around the biggest one. Then connect them all by sewing on a button.


Basically you are making a very large heart barrette and attaching it to a ribbon headband. I can just image what fun this will be for other holidays as well. I wish I could keep her young for a longer time. 

 But, instead of making the heart a permanent headband, I glued it on to an alligator clip so she can take it on and off the woven headbands. I may have to come up with so more cute designs for adornments. 

For more woven headband options, you can check out my other webpage with examples. My poor daughter has these in so many colors and we often give them as birthday gifts for younger kids too. 

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