How I became a Genius!

If you have ever been involved in a large project that involved getting volunteers set up, you know how difficult this can be. Even just planning a little class party can fill your email inbox with an overwhelming amount of emails. For this reason many people refuse to be room parents or chair committees. We might have a solution for you to make these tasks less daunting. Have you heard of SignUpGenius?

I was first introduced to while on a committee I had volunteered for a couple years in a row. I know this was a challenging job to coordinate the times and shifts of the many volunteers required of this committee. I could not imagine what type of spread sheet the co-chair would have had to make. Finally, one year I received an email from SignUpGenius. I had never heard of this before but it was soo easy to use.

How wonderful for me, the volunteer, to just see the open slot times and click a button. No waiting to see if someone had emailed before me and took my coveted spot. An email was sent to me as confirmation so I was able to quickly add it to my calendar!

So what is SignupGenius anyway?
  • Is a FREE online tool for creating and managing sign up lists.
  •  Allows users to customize sign ups to organize people, coordinate events or collect items.
  • Eliminates the need for paper sign ups, reply all emails, and phone trees. Provides simple wizards and video tutorials for creating sign ups.
  •  Has a “swapping” ability for schedule changes.
  •  Provides hundreds of unique templates from which to choose for each sign up.
  •  Allows users to upload their own image to use on each sign up.
  • Provides several privacy settings so the sign up creator can set permissions.
  •  Sends automated email reminders in advance of a sign up date to each volunteer.
  •  Focuses on 8 key verticals: Home & Family, Schools, Churches, Non-profits, Sports, Colleges, Businesses,
  • and Clubs/Groups.
  •  Allows users to copy and transfer sign ups to other SignUpGenius user accounts.
  •  Maintains an archive of sign ups each member has created and been invited to for future reference.
  •  Provides customizable reports for each sign up.
  •  Allows sign up creators to establish a unique group for each sign up with each invitee’s email.
  •  Remembers previous groups and allows sign up creators to choose one of them for each sign up orcreate a new one.
  • Provides a unique link to each sign up that sign up creators can email to invitees or publish on a separate site.
  •  Allows users to create a web button that can be added to the organization’s website or blog.
  • Allows sign up creators to send emails to all group members of a sign up from the site.

To show how easy it is to set up a page I made up a quick class party volunteer page. It took about 5 minutes to set up this simple page for a class party sign up. So many templates to choose from, you will definitely find one to coordinate with your event no matter how big or small.

This was only a tiny example of what can help you create to make any event a breeze to organize. In just a moments time. a once daunting task of organizing a group of people and shifts, will be organized by Signup Genius and your email inbox will be easier to manage. If you have an event to plan it is worth checking out SignUpGenius, there is no cost to try! thanked me with a gift card for reviewing their site. The gift card was not dependent on a positive or negative review of the site, but was compensation for helping to spread the word. All opinions expressed are my own

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