How to Keep Dogs Safe in the Summer

Thanks to Lucky Dog for providing us with some great dog products you should have for summer months

Just like humans, dogs are highly affected by the heat of summer. It is a hard balance between wanting to keep them active and also keeping them safe from the warmer weather.

Our Goldens prefer the air conditioning to the heat but that does not mean we can just let her be lazy all summer! They need to stay active.

We are going to share some dog care tips on how to keep you dogs active but safe in the summer.


While keeping your dog active in the summer here are some dog care considerations:

Dogs in the Heat

Never keep your dogs in the car during a warm day. You would not keep a child in a car and the same goes for your dog.

If your dog is outside for a long time, consider putting out a baby pool for them to cool off. Allow them to swim in creeks and rivers if they are strong swimmers, but always have fresh water for them to drink.

Discourage them drinking from puddles etc.


Can my dog get sunburn

Did you know you can apply pet-friendly sunscreen on your dogs? Dogs that have thin coats are especially vulnerable.

Before applying any to your pet, talk to your vet for recommendations.

Can my dog get Burned foot pads

Ever walk on your driveway in the middle of the day barefoot? Well your dog has no choice to put shoes on. Be careful to walk them early in the morning or late at night when pavement has a chance to cool off.

Also finding a grassy field might be ideal.

Can my dog get dehydrated? 

Never restrict a pet from water. Have plenty of bowls outdoors and always bring along an extra supply while hiking or at the beach with your dog.

Always have a bowl of water out for them.  These insulated bowls from Lucky Dog are the perfect solution.  They come in great colors and will keep your dogs water cooler than the typical steel or plastic bowl

lucky dog insulated bowls

  • REMIUM QUALITY: Food-grade and double-walled stainless steel construction
  • PET FRIENDLY: Resistant to sliding and tipping
  • DURABLE FINISH: Chip and wear-resistant powder coat finish
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Dishwasher safe or wash anywhere
  • GUARANTEED FOR LIFE: Industry-leading limited lifetime warranty


Keep play sessions and walks shorter on very hot days. Instead of an hour long walk, provide a few short bursts of exercise during the day or get up early in the morning when it is coolest and the pavement is not heated.

Also be sure to include Lucky Dogs no plastic poop bags on your leash on your next walk no matter what time of year. 

zero plastic dog poop bags

  • Ultimate strength means no breaks or leaks
  • No wasteful core
  • Easy to open without static cling
  • Up To 1/3 Plant Based, from natural non GMO corn starch
  • Available in 10, 20 or 32 roll packs 

Can my dog lay on the hot pavement in the summer? 

The pavement is too hot for your dog.  Be sure to have a cot for your dog to lay on so they are not on the hot pavement. 

My two Goldens loved having their own Lucky Dog outdoor elevated dog cot to stay outside but not to be on the hot pavement and burn their paws and body. 


lucky dog raised cots

They come in different sizes depending on the size of your dog

As you can see my 75lb golden fits perfectly on the XL size. It has a vented middle to allow for air flow. 

  • DURABILITY: Rust-resistant, with a double coated, durable Tiger Drylac® frame
  • WATERPROOF & WASHABLE: Made from 1680 denier ballistic Cordura fabric with a ventilated, cushioned center 


Someone could not be happier with their lucky dog products. 


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