How to Make Wood Pallet Art (Stencil State Sign)

Are you looking for some inexpensive art to adorn your walls? How about making your own art to save money? You don’t have to be an artist either, thanks to these stencils which make wood palette art simpler than you think.

We actually made our own wood pallet board and it does not cost very much. The folks at Loews will cut your board for a small fee, like 25 cents after the first three free cuts.

If you can handle a hammer then this is a project you can complete in a weekend. I say weekend only because if you stain your wood sign then you need it to dry overnight.

Otherwise, this Wood Pallet Art can be done in a few hours. Thanks to Stencil Revolution that gave us samples so we could make his adorable state art.

pallet art signs home state wooden sign


How to Make Wood Pallet Art

You first need to determine the size of palette art you want to create, then buy enough thin 2×4 planks to meet the size.

We made a 16 x 20-inch board so we cut 4- 2o inch pieces of our board. Gently sand each piece and work out any dents or imperfections you don’t like.


Buy molding wood and attach two pieces to the back of the boards with nails or wood screws. Just be sure the screws or nails are shorter than the boards!!

Next, pick your stain and apply per the directions. We used a grey stain. Of course, if you prefer to keep the board natural color that is perfectly fine as well.

pallet art signs home state wooden sign

How to Make Stencil on your Wood Pallet Art

Allow the stain to dry overnight for best results. Play around with your stencils before applying any paint. Then arrange your stencils on the board and tape it down for best results.

pallet art signs home state wooden sign

Then carefully paint inside the stencils trying not to use too much paint. We used craft paint since this was going to be indoor art.

pallet art signs home state wooden sign

If you are using more than one stencil, allow the first design to dry before attaching the next stencil.

pallet art signs home state wooden sign

Not done yet, we decided to add our location in Virginia with a little heart. This was painted free hand.

pallet art signs home state wooden sign

I told you this was a super easy and inexpensive project. There are so many stencils to pick from I can’t wait to see what you come up with. Stencil Art can make a variety of sizes too, so get your creative juices flowing and find the stencil to fit your design.

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easy DIY wood Pallet Sign

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