How to Protect your children and Pets from Ticks

This post on how to protect your kids and dogs from Ticks is sponsored from the folks at Green Mountain Tick Repellent. These are just suggestions of how to prevent ticks and make no claims to prevent Lyme Disease or any other tick-borne disease.

How to Protect your children and Pets from Ticks
Spiders and Snake gross me out but Ticks really scare me. They are small and often become attached with little notice. Having this as our backyard, Tick prevention is of high concern in our house. My son had 4 ticks on his body in a 48 hour time frame at the beginning of the summer.
While we have a barrier mosquito and tick prevention  treatment, my kids have a hard time staying within the limits. (I don’t expect them with all the woods and creek in the back)  I thought I would provide some chemical free ways to prevent ticks.

How to Protect your children and Pets from Ticks

  • Dress Defensively. When you venture into areas where ticks might be waiting, dress for the occasion. Wear a hat and light-colored clothing (to help you see ticks before they find skin), and tuck your shirt into your pants and your pants into your socks. 

How to Protect your children and Pets from Ticks

  • Use a Chemical Free Tick Spray like Green Mountain Tick Repellent. Spraying on an all natural tick repellent helps prevent ticks without the use of DEET. Green Mountain uses all-natural essential oils including Rose Geranium, Lemongrass and Cedarwood for an extremely effective repellent against ticks.


  • Check your bodies and clothes before coming in the house. . Keep a sticky tape-type lint roller handy if you’re finding ticks regularly. Steal your lint roller from your husband and it will pick up unattached ticks from clothing or pets, which bring hitchhiking ticks into the house. ( I don’t think my long-haired pup would appreciate this method) 
  • Hit the Showers When you come indoors after outside activities and you have checked yourself and others for ticks, don’t lounge on the couch in the same clothes. Give your clothes and hats a 10-minute spin in a HOT clothes dryer to kill any ticks that might be hiding in the folds or seams. Then take a hot, soapy bath or shower. Unattached ticks will be flushed away, but you will still need to do a tick check of your body. Hit all the private areas too, Trust me they like to hide there

How to Protect your children and Pets from Ticks

  • Protect your petsPets will often have a few friends lingering in their fur and once they get into your house, you can easily get them too. We use a monthly preventative for our dog, but after a week of being wet at the beach, I think it less effective. I found a tick on our dogs nose, inside the house. I immediately sprayed our dog with Green Mountain Tick Repellent. Just watch their face. It has a great citrus like odor.

So don’t leave the house and venture out to the woods or even your garden without protecting yourself from Ticks.


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  1. I’m afraid of bug bites that we don’t notice that could potentially be dangerous, i.e. bites that cause infectious diseases!

  2. I’m afraid of getting Lyme disease from ticks. I had a scare a couple of years ago.

  3. That they may never be found. LOL. Thank you, Jerri Davis

  4. I worry about mosquitoes and diseases they can carry.